jazz harmony book

Can anybody recommend me jazz harmony book for beginners? I am trained classical musician, i've mastered classical harmony at the university so it does not have to be ,,very'' basic with learning the music theory and stuff. Ihave listed a couple and i found Jazz harmony book by Andy Jaffe, from first impressions looks ok not too much complicated. Any info about this book or some similiar suggestions?

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  • I'm no expert but this one looks pretty good.


    The Berklee Book of Jazz Harmony: Mulholland, Joe, Hojnacki, Tom: 0884088919887: Amazon.com: Books
    The Berklee Book of Jazz Harmony [Mulholland, Joe, Hojnacki, Tom] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Berklee Book of Jazz Harmo…
  • Mark Levine has two great ones.

    The Jazz Theory Book

    The Jazz Piano Book.

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