Jasmine Wind

I'm only a baby composer - I don't know much about music theory so please don't be too brutal. I know  there is a lot to fix on this --Maybe just get rid of the weird voice..and make the song go somewhere...I haven't exactly finished it because I am not happy with it....I haven't got very good piano skills either, but I try.

One of them is unfinished and without voices...please tell me what you think.

I am inspired by pianists such as Ludovico Einaudi and Dario Marianelli....

Not much else to say about this...

Jasmine Dance.mp3

jasmine wind.mp3

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  • That's fine Raina, and I look forward to hearing how it develops. I've added you as a friend, in case you need any help with anything. Would you like to join my harmony group (in the groups forum under "Rudiments of Fundamental Harmony"? I know that you mainly play by ear, but learning a few tricks of the trade won't do you any harm, I'm sure. To be honest, I've neglected the group a bit. I might start adding more discussions there displaying different chords and how to use them. I also learn from other people that contribute and I'm quite sure you've probably got a few tricks up your sleeve that you might want to share.
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