Hello all,

I recently found this composer named Jan Linden on SoundCloud and am absolutely blown away by his piece named Pegasus.

It may not be very new or progressive but if you are into thoughtful but epic (late)romantic orchestra or (above average) film music you will enjoy this!

I can’t help but think this is incredibly well composed and orchestrated from start to finish. I hope to hear more from Mr. Linden in the future and maybe even a recorded version of Pegasus one day!


There is more music on his profile in case someone is interested:



Okay, let’s make this thread a collection of our favorite unknown and lesser-known composers.

Next one is Brian Balmages, I really enjoy a lot of his music:   

Rippling Watercolors




 If any one of you discovered some hidden gems that no one knows but you think is great, whatever the style may be, post it here and share it with us. 

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