James Bond + Les Paul

Hello all, Okay, I've never tried to write a piece like this before. I said to myself, you've got this expensive pile of equipment sitting in front of you. Why not write something BIG... maybe like a James Bond action piece? The guitar solo was an after thought. I usually do nylon string guitar work - haven't played rock guitar in years. The composing part wasn't too bad. The mixing is driving me nuts. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Eric


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  • Thanks Jan. This was my first try at a really BIG production. I'm beginning to settle in on the mix. However, it took an unusual amount of automation programming to get the parts to cooperate. At this point, fresh ears are good. Other people may see the little things I've overlooked, etc.

    I'll have to look at the guitar again. I was afraid it was too up front in the mix. I may have overcompensated. You how it is. It sounds different on every system. The guitar part was screaming on my little cheap boombox.

    Thanks again.
    • Really nice tune, I like the harmonic motion, the rythm, the energy. Im not really crazy about the guitar solo, it doesnt feel like the improv ideas connect, its like 'ok change 1, big riff.. oh ok next change, big riff 2.. umm yea next change, big riff 3' - nothing wrong with it, but it doesnt match up to the inspiration I feel with the rest of the chart. But maybe thats just that metal kind of hotlick style, just how it comes across to me, I would really like to hear the guitar solo ideas go over the barline more
    • Hello Ray,

      Yes, that point has been made by others as well. I'm taking it as good advice to use on the next piece - more variety will keep the listener engaged.


  • Thanks Chris,

    To tell the truth, I initially thought the guitar solo didn't fit at all. However, I had some work done on my Les Paul. I wanted to compare a few methods of recording the guitar. The next thing I know, there's a guitar solo in the tune.

    I like the idea of the over-the-barline approach. I thought about re-doing the solo but the mix was giving me enough trouble to prevent that.

    I'm just glad to get through my first large production. I plan to apply the things I learned from this to the next piece.
    • Of course! It really is solid, and quite effective. The way you construct it is enough to totally fit in the Bond bag and yet you use unique motifs. Good job!
  • Thanks Chris,

    I went to your site. You play the duduk! How cool. I've been wanting one but I don't have the time to learn how to play it. Colossus has one that's not bad. It'll have to do for now.

    BTW: "Flying" is excellent. I like the changes in mood. I heard someone use the expression, "the music has to tell a story" - meaning it has to have a of of variety.
    • Wellllllllll........

      I am LEARNING to play duduk LOL it still sounds like a pregnant goat having a miscarriage when I play.... but someday I would love to go to Armenia for a few years and study it seriously, that would just be amazing
  • Thanks Jan. I will give the solo another try. Right now, I plan to let it sit for a few days so I can come back with a fresh perspective.

    Thanks to everyone else as well. Lots of good suggestions.
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