This piece serves as the scherzo to the symphony.  It is part Marlboro commercial, part “Turkey in the Straw” with a tipsy trombone solo added.

       Remember the Marlboro man in cowboy hat astride his horse and lighting up a cigarette with western mesa in the background?  If you had three stations on your black and white T.V. you could watch Bonanza, Gun Smoke, and The Wild Wild West.   That was before global warming, carbon footprints, and the 24 oz. soda had been invented.  Then came 1969.  We landed on the moon and suddenly our national destiny had been fulfilled.  The new mantra became, “If we can land a man on the moon, we can end world hunger, cure cancer, bring world peace etc.”  where the “we” meant the federal government.  The government became our big brother, surrogate spouse, and general provider for half of the U.S. population.  I hope this piece captures the feeling and attitude of the American people before the great society and before our freedoms were surrendered for faux security.  All comments are welcome. 


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  • Bob,

         Sorry, I didn't mean to shut off comments.  I must have hit the wrong button.


  • Bob and Michael,

         Your examples are making my point.  Although every generation idealizes its childhood, this is the first one in American history whose childhood is not an improvement over its parents.  The new technology of the automobile produced a new problem, smog.  That problem was solved by a newer technology, the catalytic converter.  Michael's point is that technology must not end.  Yet this generation, instead of facing the challenges of modernity, is satisfied with taking solace in the excuse of global warming.  They can't innovate, work extra hard, or rely on their own ingenuity lest they somehow do damage to the oh so fragile environment.  The new generation needs a swift kick in the seat of understanding, something to motivate them to stop relying on the government, and elect officials who will let the country work unrestrained.

         The internet is the invention of our generation, the boomers.  What has this generation produced?  Wind energy?  Cars that run on electricity from coal?  Video games?  Socialized medicine?  Part-time employment?  The thirty hour work week?  All these "innovations"  are abject failures.  This may be the first time in our nearly 400 year history that the new generation will not idealize their childhoods, and their adulthoods will be no better.


  • Please can we keep the main discussion on this forum to music.

  • Michael,

        Thanks for listening, and for the encouragement.

    michael diemer said:

    The situation you describe has been called "a failure of nerve." Can't remember who said it; possibly Jacob Bronowski. The question is why? What has brought us to this state of affairs? And it applies even more so to Europe. It seems that Western Civilization itself is undergoing a sunset. Other civilizations are on the upswing, however, especially China. But I wouldn’t want to live there. For one thing, they eat cats. There is plenty of energy in Muslim nations, but they don't care much for infidels. Everyone seems to hate us, including many of our own citizens, especially the brainwashed - excuse me, college-educated younger folks. I ask again, why? But in response I only hear another question: "Who is John Galt?" (Let the reader understand).

    Back to your music (as an admin I am obligated to try and keep things on track): I would really love to hear this in a real performance. I hope that can happen. It represents a considerable effort, and I think it would sound great for the most part. And the parts that don't would give you the needed feedback to improve them. But keep plugging away at any rate. I really enjoy your work and I know others do as well.

    "Jamboree" Western Horizons movement III     This piece serves as the scherzo to the symphony.  It is part Marlboro commercial, part “Turkey in the Straw”…
  • Kristofer,

         Now we understand why you came out the way you did.

    Kristofer P.D.Q. Emerig said:

    ..and my mum was probably balancing me precariously on her knee, with a Marlboro dangling from her mouth, rocking to the Stones, as she drove a 5000 lb car through the that smoggy traffic. Before Ritalin, we had something called the "spatula". Ah yes, the good ol' days.
    Bob Porter said:

    Nice work. Great themes and handling thereof. I like the build to the ending.

    The thing about the "Good Old Days" is that they weren't always as good as we thought. In 1969, for example, there were many day of the year you couldn't see across the LA Basin.  What about the internet?

    "Jamboree" Western Horizons movement III     This piece serves as the scherzo to the symphony.  It is part Marlboro commercial, part “Turkey in the Straw”…
  •      When I came on the forum a year ago I agreed with Gavin.  Then I was sucked into some unrelated discussion by Kristofer.  Listen to Ondib's latest post.  First he is not going to comment on such a mundane topic as Vivaldi's rant but he ends of commenting on it.  That giant sucking sound you are hearing is not NAFTA but the composer's forum. 

         There are some subjects that should not be discussed, like macramé, or your favorite carrot cake recipe, or Justin Bieber's hair cut.  Other than that, it's open season.

    Bob Porter said:

    But this piece is not in Dissection. It's in Politics and Music, which is the closest thing we have an area to post for more robust discussion. The last music I posted was not a finished piece ready for dissection. It was meant as a demonstration. I posted it in Politics because I didn't know where else to put it.
    "Jamboree" Western Horizons movement III     This piece serves as the scherzo to the symphony.  It is part Marlboro commercial, part “Turkey in the Straw”…
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