for : 5 string E. violin, e. guitar, a. bass, piano, percussion.
Somewhat in the 'progressive' style, though not as 'lengthy' as many in that genre seem to be…
Bartok's shadow seemed to fly over a few times..

All comments, thoughts, and criticism are welcome and appreciated.

Thank you for listening.


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  • Gregorio,

    I like your Jabberwocky piece very much.  I just listened to it again.  It has a special feel about it, and wonderful instrumentation.

  • Thank you for listening Water Bear.  I am glad you heard something special about it!

    I am really happy with the performances. It was unusual for the musicians involved to play this type of music, but they got it just right.


  • ’Twas brilliant, and those silky tones...
          I admired the fiddle while I shaved
  • Thank you Joseph!   (humm, music for shaving.. have you seen, in the Chaplan film, 'The Great Dictator', the scene at the barbershop, where Chaplan shaves a customer to the music of Brahm's Hungarian Rhapsody?  With it's sudden bursts of tempo, and the blade keeping 'time'!..  so funny… )

  • Reminds me some sort of modern noir movie, à la "Sin City" .... interesting theme. 

  • Juan, it's been a while since i've seen 'Sin City'… and can't quite remember the ST.. ) I'll take a listen to the opening theme)…   but i get what you mean - 'modern noir' …  yes, definitely parts of it.. 

    Thank you for listening and offering your thoughts!

  • This sounds a bit like Amon Düül 2. Very good!

  • I really enjoy this. I like the wild intro most. and the fuzz on the guitar solo was delightful. the only critique (and I have to try extremely hard to find one) is the tone of the violin. it gets a bit lost in the mix. should EQ it to try and cut more.


  • Thanks Lennart!   I checked out some of Amon Duul ll.  Yes perhaps 'a bit'.  :)  

  • Mike, I agree with you… It is an electric 5 string violin.. (with an extra low string - C ) .. To me the sound has a combination of horn and violin.. As the piece gets more raucous, at the end of the '1st chorus' , and the violin goes into the high register playing rapidly firing 16ths, - it is lost -- and that part was the bit that connected the harmonic mov't…  It was mixed sometime ago, and although i noticed it then, i ended up trusting the engineer's discretion ..- i might go back and have it remix just for that!.

    Thank you for listening Mike, and offering your thoughts, and helpful criticism.   I am so glad you enjoyed it!

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