It’s been a long time…

I've been away for a very long time.  I'm not sure the last time I checked in.  I got my PhD thesis in music composition but have not felt good about it. It's based on the fractal flame algorithm by Scott Draves.  I used digital sound manipulations to closely resemble outside of diatonic scales the range of tones in a fractal flame.


Atomic Reaction Link

hiccup hocket Link Acoustic linear aspect of a fractal algorithm

Julia N piece in 6 channels

1 left front Link

2 right front Link

3 Center Link

4 LFE Link

5 Left side Link

6 Right side Link

I'm currently working on more harmonic works. I'm also thinking of teaching music theory to undergrads or post grads.

I posted a piece before of my undergrad work you may remember.

Black Widow Link

Flashback Link

Peace and love to all.

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  • Hi Nick,

    I listened to your Atomic Reaction and plan to listen to your other links here later. I found Atomic Reaction an interesting sonic spatial achitecture. Do you have some kind of brief program notes to accompany this work or 'story' to go with your title to this piece? I would find it helpful to have a framework in which to hear this music. 

    Also, if you don't mind sharing it, why don't you feel good about obtaining your PhD in music composition? I ask because music and music education in academia is an interest of mine. I recently retired from a research university where I was director of a digital media and data support unit which--among many other things--supported music and other fields intersecting with the study of music. Though I feel I had a rewarding career in academia, I also found it to be a strange, bizarrely competitive and 'siloed' experience. 

    I am looking forward to coming back for a listen to your other works here.


    • Hi Marty,

      The PhD got me rethinking music in general. I lost a lot of my love of both composing and listening.  Those are just a few of my pieces for the portfolio.


      I leave the premise up to the listeners imagination with the title as a hint.

      Thanks for your time.  Black Widow and Flashback were from my Bachelors degree. I can't seem to find my Masters portfolio yet but I'll post some when I can find them. 

      Best wishes,


      • Thanks for your reply Nick.

        I had an enjoyable listen to your earlier work, Black Widow. There are some really nice moments in your writing for strings here. 

        I hope your shifting gears and writing some more harmonically oriented music will bring back some of the love you had for listening and composing again. Sometimes a change in perspective helps.



        • Thank you Marty,

          I'm currently working on a piano piece playing with harmony and deceptive cadences.

  • Hi Nick, I listened to Atomic Reaction and hiccup hocket and I preferred hiccup hocket, probably because it is acoustic instruments and is more accessible. It has an attractive rhythm scheme with an eccentric melody that works well for me.  It would be interesting if you explained more about your process (and possibly gave us a score) here if you have time.

    I hope you will comment on some of the other composers we have here; there is quite a variety of quality material.  Participation has been the subject of a lot of discussion here lately so we are requesting it.  Thanks for posting!

    • Thanks Ingo,

      I intend to get more involved. I prefer acoustic myself.  
      Hiccup Hocket was a basis of two notes thrown into a fractal mixer I designed for each instrument to play.

      I can't find the sheet music right now. It's in my thesis though at the last few pages.

      Link to my PhD thesis
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