Hope this is the right place to post this, I'm sort of new here. Was just wondering what people here thought about neo-classical, minimalist solo instrumental music? I find all the competitions and opportunities in the way of composition and performance are for people that can compose for chamber orchestras or compose lengthy pieces of (broadly) traditional classical music. I started up a composers competition focussed toward more contemporary and (dare i say) self-taught composers and it was a resounding failure. Do you think we neo-classical composers should just stick to writing film soundtracks or can you see a place for performance and even for competitions and recognition of this style?

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  • There is always a place and an audience for all types of music, including neo-classical music. However, breaking into the serious new music world would be harder to do if the music sounds too traditional. The serious new music world is about just that, new music. If your music sounds to much like Chopin, Liszt, Brahmns, ect. it will beg the question "Why listen to you when we already have a Chopin, Liszt, Brahmns, ect"

    But if its just exposure, then you are fine, because like I said, there are plenty of people out there that like more traditional neo-classical music. You will be able to pull from many already established audience based; from the fans of easy listening, fans of light classical, fans of ambient music, and fan of just music.

    The amount exposure and tapping these fans is more or less up to you. 

  • Yeah I guess you're right. Certainly about trying to sound like the classical greats. I think to try and emulate that in the context of contemporary classical is a very dangerous area and an area I would never claim to be a part of! What I meant was, neo-classical, as a subgenre, is too often dismissed by the music industry. 

    I compose contemporary classical piano music (although I constantly struggle to find a completely accurate genre definition). I have found a good bit of attention in both the classical end of things and in the mainstream but I do often find I am not really comfortable in either. I feel out of place in the mainstream pop culture because I want my music to be an, albeit more universally accessible, type of classical, but I often find the classical world too riddled with talk of academia and technique and orchestration and that I have to get past all that before my melodies or passions can be judged.

    IMost of my friends who compose in a similar style to me feel sandwiched in-between genres - I think its just quite an interesting point! But I guess if you work hard enough and have enough passion, you'll create your own niche to fit comfortably into!


  • Maybe the problem is that it is a competition.  Why not just have a place people can post a realization of what they write and let a community form around that?

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