Introducing Stephen Ferre

I used to be a heavy forum user, but I've been just incredibly busy lately, so forgive me if I don't respond too often. I don't have the time or sanity to engage in long discussions right now. It feels like I'm working three jobs: 1) my new teaching position at CCM, 2) trying to establish myself at CCM and Cincinnati in general, as well as 3) running my music engraving business. That doesn't even count composing.

I burnt myself out with commissions at the end of last year, 4 of them, all due between the end of September and Thanksgiving. Then January to March travelling to all the performances - except the one in Norway, which was only two days before one of the other performances.

I'm struggling for inspiration at the moment. I was trying to write a bass trombone concerto (with trombone ensemble) to satisfy a call for scores, but I lost momentum after two minutes of music (two very promising minutes, but ...). Now the deadline has passed. There was another call for scores for a wind ensemble piece, which actually fits a piece that I had already started, but I can't just sit down and write the rest of it.

How do I describe my work? Modernist, tonal(-ish), some aleatoric, some improvisation. I see we are supposed to post in-progress work for comments, but mine doesn't generally sound good in midi format. (Too many quartertones, and aleatoric gestures.) Difficult to play, usually. You should find a link to my website on My Page, which is a little out of date (long story), but it does have a link from there to my SoundCloud, if you want to hear more recent music.

As part of my music engraving business, I also arrange and orchestrate works by other composers for their publishers, most notably, by Per Nørgård. Now I'm usually credited, some of the earlier ones, I'm not.

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  • Hello Stephen, you can also post finished works in "Music Analysis and Critique"



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