Hi there, 

just want to introduce myself with my first post:

My name is Thorsten, I'm from germany, born 1975, making music for over 40 years now.

Doing a lot of different kind of music... most of my music could be catagorized as "modern classical/avantgarde", "filmmusic / scoring" or "trap/TripHop/alternative".

Using social media for that is somwthing new for me, but maybe the best way of extending my music-networking.


So here some of my actual work... maybe wanna share some thoughts about it?

Symphony III - "Arboralsymphony"

Satz I - "Dämmerung von Falschlicht"



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  • Grüss dich Thorsten,


    I liked your piece but it needs to be completed as a listenning.

    Is the rest of your symphony available somewhere on the internet?

    Thank you very much for sharing the score.

    Great work. Congratulations.


    • Hallo auch! :)


      Thx a lot for listening to it and sharing your first opinion.

      The rest isn't available yet, because I'm working on it at the moment. But I will share it here as soon as it's finished.

      Some of my other works are available in some places (like ScoreExchange), but as I told: starting using the usual social medias like YouTube.

      And so I try to make more of my works available in the same place.

      Thx again. 

  • This is a very impressive work Thorsten, it is definitely modern but has a romantic flavor as well.  The tempo changes are dramatic and exciting and your orchestration is very effective.  You are a very accomplished composer, my only small criticism would be the ending is a bit disappointing but it is only the first movement.

    You have quite a range of interests and I'm sure we would like to hear more of any of your pieces.  Are you using NotePerformer?

    • Thx a lot for this great compliment.

      "Modern with a romantic flavour" is putting the description of the musical language of that work in a nutshell - better everything came to my own mind.

      And it's ending this way (as U said) it's just the first movement and will evolve over the coming movement and:

      it's ending like the title says.


      Yes - I used NotePerformer the first time for this.

      So far by doing compositions in a notation software I used mainly another (not that popular) library wich has a overwhelming realistic sound with unbelievable possibilities of playing techniques across a great variety of instruments.

      But over the years the creator reduced the usability of it to a minimum. By developing it more and more over the years he's just giving it away now with a tons of files (some of them outdated as far as I noticed) and increased pure technical documentation without any further tutorials, which for my knowledge leaded to blocking me in creativity by spending more and more time for the effort of the realisation of creating the sound.

      This was solved for my with NotePerformer, although I'm unhappy missing the uncomparable possibilities...

      For the works I'm creating in a "less conventional way of composing" (like film scores) I'm not using a notation software and in that cases I use a lot of different libraries.

      I'm glad U liked it and sure I will continue sharing here in hope of your feedbacks.


  • I love this! I am probably the least educated member of this forum so my comments will be rather simplistic :(

    but I get a feeling of some of the really interesting film score composers like Herrman or Waxman with the use of high registered repeating figures.

    Your piano barges in in a way that makes me think of Ives with his ragtime piano coming up through the turbulence to dominate in places.

    And while this is quite modern......there is a very rewarding "storytelling" quality that is not modern at all but very welcome.

    Thanks for this!

    • Awww... don't be that over-modest.

      Talking about registrations of Herrman or Waxman and instrumentations of Ives showes your musical education is maybe higher than you're imgagening yourself! :)


      And in my personal expierience musical education can be more of  a barrier - because in my opinion music is related to inspiration and emotions (hope this is understandable - my english is not the best)

      So getting this great compliment you're loving it and it's telling you a story without knowing anything about for example the technical density of the 12-tone construction it is made of is the biggest honour you could do to me! Thx a lot for that.

      • UsuallyI pick up on 12 tone stuff. But I didn't here because you are doing so much more with and around the technique. Just great!


  • Wow, Thorsten! This is an exciting piece! (For some reason it reminds me a bit of Bartok)..  I enjoyed listening very much. Dramatically powerful and compelling.

    Great work!

    (So note performer rendered this? )

    Thanks for posting. 

  • Very nice.  For me I heard a little bit of Schoenberg with some Jerry Goldsmith and Bernard Hermann suspense.  I liked the ending.  It created a feeling of something unresolved that left a memorable impression on my senses.  Like a book or movie where you know at the end that more is coming in the sequel and you can't wait to find out what it is.  The entire song is very "tuggy" in its feel.  I would compare it to a roller coaster ride.  Kind of a sit back and take what's coming sort of thing.  Love that style.  

    Thanks for sharing! 

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