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Hello everyone - I am enjoying this Forum already..... some really useful and interesting articles / info.

I began improvising as a little child, and it developed into a love of composing. I went on to study at the London College of Music. I especially love writing piano music, choral and vocal, as well as sometimes instrumental. I also like writing poetry, and now often combine a poem, piano music and some of my nature photos (a much enjoyed hobby) to make tiny little videos to relax with, many of which are on Youtube, if anyone has any time to spare from their own writing ! Hopefully I can post one or two for people to enjoy sometimes (?) when I find the correct category to post them. 

I am inspired by nature, as well as human emotion.... 

Styles vary from very lyrical and melodic, to more sparse, with lots of emotion. 

Below are a couple of samples: Waltz - Inspiration from my Spotify album "Tranquillity" and Requiem sung by the New Priory Singers.

I look forward to discovering lots of other lovely people and their music here too....

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I had no problem playing the Waltz file.  I thought it a pleasant laid-back piece, certainly as good as other professional music in this manner.  The style reminded me very much of George Winston, which, since he's one of the more successful and popular musicians today (at least in the US) should count as a compliment.  I thought the performance could be given depth by a little more rubato (I know there is some at the end) and more pronounced dynamic variation.

I too found the Requiem sound file too distorted to listen to.

Glad you enjoyed the Waltz... thanks for your compliment, much appreciated ! I was performing it myself, so was happy (after 52 takes !) with this one !...(not always the case when someone else performs one's music !)... just didn't naturally put in any more rubato... although many of my other pieces are more wayward, with sometimes a scary amount of rubato "written in" for the performer !  I was playing my Broadwood piano, which can produce a very good hearty tone when needed, but just didn't want anything other than subtle dynamics in this piece. The actual score has many subtle dynamics, but nothing too contrasting for the most part.....

Sorry, the other file was not very audible... (now 30 years old !... and pre-digital)  it comes out reasonably ok at this end though on the computer, so hopefully some will find it ok. Do you, or anyone out there by any chance know a choir who would re-record it for me ! Wow, that would be just fantastic ! Desperate to hear all my choral works by a real choir.... one thing Sibelius (or other music software cannot do for us).... rather sad that this is the best even I who wrote it will ever likely hear.... I guess we are all in the same boat.... 

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