Introducing Gavin Brown

Hi all, I have been a composer for about 40 years and write mostly for piano. I am influenced by modern progressive rock, blues, jazz, and other styles of music. I like what Duke Ellington said about music - “There are only two kinds - good and bad.” I have been on the Composers’ Forum for about 10 years. In addition to music located here, you can see that stuff and more on my youtube page:

I look forward to continuing to post here and listening to your stuff too!

p.s.> here's a fun animation I wrote the music for:

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  • Hi Gav--Thanks so much for sharing about yourself :)

    I enjoy your music very much, and that animation was GREAT!

    And thanks so much for sticking to it to get the forum reopened..its very much appreciated by myself and all, and is a HUGE success.

    Thanks again Gav!


  • Hi Gav -

    Thanks for helping revive this forum, I'm sure it will do very well with you and Julie guiding it.

  • Thanks Bob and Ingo, for your kind comments! It's great to see so much energy on the board!

  • Ah, Gavin, I found you!  I hadn't known that the forum had actually gone defunct. I'll try to learn how to navigate this new version now. (I'm all better now.)

  • Hi Art,

    Long time no see! Welcome back! 


  • Thanks, Gavin. Ultimately, I'm going to want to post some of my recent stuff. Where would be the most appropriate place to do this? Introduce yourself? Or maybe Miscellaneous?

  • If you go the main page and add a topic, the default forum is "Music Critique and Analysis," that's where to put complete works -

  • Thanks, Gavin.

  • Interesting, Gavin. Thanks for the info. Perhaps I'd hoped for a little more bio but I listen to your works as you post them. I liked the Christmas one to the extent that there's nothing I can say about it. Perhaps I should say something. 

  • Thanks Dane, I may flesh out my bio a bit before long, appreciate your comment - 


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