This a piece I've been working on in Pure Data for the past several days. Only a couple minute together (tentatively) as of yet, but I'm eager for feedback, hopefully critical on anything. Especially interested in how people view the sound design of the various voices...

Thanks in advance for any comments!

WIP "Green Glass" Intro

New version uploaded - gently randomized timbres for a more "alive" sound, as well a few new minutes of content.

"Green Glass" WIP Intro 2.0

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  • Zach, heard the new(er) version, quite improved; the sounds are much more clear, liking the 'LFO' effects. If a constructive criticism would be accepted, more freedom in the tones generated would be good. It seems there's a reluctance to stray from the basic overtone series ie fifth, third, sixth fourth etc.  I like chromatic melody harmony microtonal etc. I'm just saying let it be more free, don't worry about if it 'works' according to the tradition...

  • I do plan on getting considerably farther from the overtone series, but as this is (as planned, at least) only an introduction to a much longer piece, I wanted to keep it fairly "in," both so as to be able to stray farther and farther, and also to avoid freaking out anyone not versed in contemporary, non 12-tet sounds. I suppose I could stray a bit more for starters, too...?

    Thanks for the insight though, criticism is always appreciated. "Hey man, sounds good," is always nice to hear, but it doesn't really inspire you, ya know?

    Oh, Roger, if you're unfamiliar with spectral harmonies, you should check out these two:

    G.F. Haas "In Vain"


    Per Norgard "Voyage into the Golden Screen."

    - YouTube
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  • Managed to code a bunch more of the piece, there's now about twice as much material. If anyone has any feedback, I'm all ears!

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