Hi to the forum,

this is my first post here. I composed this piece quite some years ago as the middle movement for a piano concerto, where the violin actually takes a solo over the piano for the opening section.

I've re-adapted it and re-orchestrated it and I have done a mock up of it using the Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna Instruments.

Here is the link:


And, to be honest, the mix is not really ready - I have some work to do in the mixer with the faders, but the mix so far is reasonable.

It is in a Romantic style orchestration and harmonies. I was just wanting to write something expressive, with a nice kind of soaring melody when the tutti section came in.

Anyway, I hope if you listen that you enjoy it.


Steve :-)

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  • Excellent composition and arrangement! Romantic and mysterious. It kind of "steals you away" from where you are. I like how the piece is "breathing", how it builds and then falls back again. Wonderful!
  • wow, i really like this!

    it has a kind of alien quality to it which i enjoy very much.

    really a very expert composition. impressive.

    it reminds me a bit of black and white film noir. it's actually really great.
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  • Hi Felix, Max, and Ray,

    thank you kindly for your replies and comments. I am gald you enjoyed the music. Ray, I am not using the Oxford software, but I appreciate your comment as it shows me there is still some work to do with the mix.
    I am going to do the mix again when I get some time, and I will listen carefully to the mix in regard to this.
    Well, thanks again guys for your comments and feedback.


    Steve :-)
  • Enjoyed this when you posted it on Vi Control and posted me the music.

    Nice to hear it again and welcome to this forum.
  • Great! Really Film Noir and full of mystery and passion.
  • Hi Adrian and Michael,

    thank you for your comments and I'm glad you enjoyed the music.


    Steve :-)
  • WOW. Stephen..EXCELLENT:)

    Very moving..

    GREAT job--
    And keep up the great work!!

    Bob Morabito
  • Thank you for the encouragement Bob. Much appreciated! I do have some piano pieces in the works that I'll have to practice up on my midi keyboard and a piano concerto that I am working on when I so I'll try and get them ready and share them also.


  • Thanks Steve..I look forward to them also:)

    Bob Morabito
  • Hi Stephen, welcome to the forum. The late 19th century Romantic period was never my favourite area for Art music. However, this is beautifully composed, and great violin writing. Your modulations are very well executed and you've captured that sweeping style of the period very skillfully. My only question or ''criticism'' is a slight lack of texture. It seems that the woodwind and brass are somewhat redundant, even in the climatic periods. I accept that it is a concerto piece, but you could create some really definitive moments with a brass choir and woodwind decoration. Vienna Instruments are ideal for this sort of music, and I just can't help but miss the Wagnerian touch with triumphant horns and bellowing tubas, followed by conflicting flutes and oboes dancing around the melody.

    Of course, I wouldn't dream of suggesting that you change this particular composition because it sounds great the way it is. Just maybe something to think about in the future.

    Thanks for sharing. You're obviously a very skilled composer and I look forward to listening to more of your music.


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