I am working on an opera based on a copyrighted sources.  The owner of the copyright is Marvel Comics.  I have written four times for permission to use their content but have not gotten a response.  Clearly, they're not going to pay any attention to me.  I'm not passable on any instrument except my voice (the music is difficult enough that even if I tried to record only one line at a time, it wouldn't be in the correct rhythm), and I'm not the greatest sight-singer, either (writing is not memorizing, especially when I haven't looked at a portion in a while), so I can't present them with anything but sheet music and a libretto that's maybe 70% complete.  Changing all the names solves nothing, because I am setting, for the most part, the original text (I don't even credit myself as the librettist, just with arranging the text and writing some additional).  The primary author, to my mind, is a genius, and, when he was alive (he passed away in 2008), he hated adaptation, for which one can hardly blame him if one has ever seen how far the films based on his comics strayed from what he did (including name a racist security guard after him).  I know Lionsgate owns the film rights to the lead character of the opera, which has kept him out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for now, although he has been mentioned, and one of the principle characters (who did not appear in that film) appeared in Iron Man 3 (despite never having appeared in an issue of Iron Man).  I don't know if that means Lionsgate owns the right to any potential operas based on the material until they sell the option.

Has anyone else worked with an intellectual property attorney in writing an opera?

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