Hello people,

I sat down at the piano one sunday and improvised this, and when I played it back I almost felt like crying. Certainly the saddest piece of music I've conjured up.  I feel as if I have heard this music before, and this is unsettling not to know if it was always inside you or you have already heard it. There is some Rachmaninoff prelude in C# minor in there. If you can find other similarities let me know.

These last months I have read and though alot about death and the pointlessness of life (my favorite philosophical subject), hopefully it shines through.

My girlfriend, upon hearing it, asked how I really felt (I'm fine) :)



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  • Cheers Ray,

    Maybe this music keeps me from freaking out with delight about the midnight sun and general happiness all around :)


  • Fredrick - thank you for listening. I agree that the title is lacking, but somehow I felt that "Prelude" would be lacking as a title in this forum - don't ask me why. It was not programmatic in its conception, so your comment is certainly valid. Thanks.

    Kristofer - thanks for your comment. I get that from some dark music as well.

  • Erik, Very very good... I thought your piece was/is powerful and gripping,

    not sad at all . A bit toward the grave , but alive and moving. Keep up

    the good work.     Roger

  • Raymond - yes, this is good feedback and something I will take with me. The reference to Rachmaninoff was me trying to explain my influences - I do not in any way compare myself to Rachmaninoff (obviously not, I am an amateur who will take his first composition lesson this fall and he was a true great).

    Thank you for commenting! What did you think of the piece?


    Raymond Kemp said:


    It's a trap many fall into as is being discussed as a side issue on this thread. A title may influence some ahead of listening to any piece but, mentioning not only some renowned composer's name but compounding it with naming a particular piece will colour their opinion. Leave it to the listener, after all, they may not even have heard the reference material.

    On the other hand, you may not care.

    It always makes me laugh when I read a comment posted against something I created called "Winter in Irkutsk" where the reviewer said, I captured the spirit of his home city. I've never been! Isn't that right Fredrick?



    "There is some Rachmaninoff prelude in C# minor in there"

    Inconcievable sadness (Prelude)
    Hello people, I sat down at the piano one sunday and improvised this, and when I played it back I almost felt like crying. Certainly the saddest pie…
  • Hey, Nice piece, but it sound more like "a hope in hard times" then anything else ;)

    All Best

  • There is no musical idea - not one that captures my attention - while you improvise the "Prelude". But that is just me. It is sad, but that is not the piano-playing, it is the use of minor chords - they're all over it. Most of the phrasing on the piano is really good though

    Nothing bad with it. It is fitting background-music to a sad event. Consider adding a cello to this, it would fit the mood and add a voice to the piece, without making it too complex

    Good start. (Or if your're done, i guess many people would think it is good as is.)

  • All true on the above. 


    I likes your piece although it felt a bit incomplete. I sense it needs something before it which leads up to the dramatic piano entrance and possibly a resolution of those dark feelings. 

  • Thanks for posting this! It has a soothing effect on me.. what comes to my mind is a long continuous sentence of two and a half minutes, the low register slam as a deep breathe between the words..  When I heard the beginning, I automatically connected it with Arvo Pärt's Für Alina, the mood seems to be a bit similar.. :)
    Great choice of key, couldn't imagine it higher or lower. I wish you a lot of efficient improvisations like this.. :)

  • You really captured your nihilist thoughts very effectively in this piece.  I like the contrast of the dark, deep chord and the lighter texture riding above it.

    Thanks for posting and sharing this.

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