I feel like spreading the word about my second solo piano release.

And it certainly needs some criticism not compliments (as an inspiration for me to keep learning).

I attached the first track and here's the whole thing:

Thanks in advance.

01 - Peter Rudenko - Smile On.mp3

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  • I like the harmonic variations, but I expect a B section. The piece feels like AAAAAAAA. You use the same rhythmic strategy throughout, and I'd like it to break up into something very different rhythmically or at least clever variations of your rhythmic phrasing. Try creating a section that is related but different, where it feels like the same piece, but with unexpected rhythmic elements. ...hey, just some ideas, my impression.
  • It feels to me like you have created a chord sequence and a melody and then just voiced them in a variety of ways. there is no real connection between the accompaniment and the melody and although the voicings are changing there is no variation in the harmonc interpretation.

    Quickly flicking through your whole album it sounds like a single mood. All arpeggio with single line melody , didn't hear any block chords or interesting rhythmic shapes or harmonies beyond the basic scales.


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