Hi! this is my first post!

...Anyways, these are two recent practices of mine, merged into a single track. They were written on a notation software (Finale), then mocked up there too (using humanized playback and custom rules as a base). I was striving to get an epic build up feel in both of them, ended up merging them but they were originally meant to be separate. Although my first aim is game music (which is mostly based on loops) these ones are not loops, I was just trying to get a specific feel, and well, it's me having fun I guess... You'll see that a lot in my tracks xD. I don't have much tracks that could be considered "songs" or whole pieces yet but well.... guess the biggest reason is that I don't know much about structure yet (except for basic stuff like AB, ABA, ABCA, etc...)

Anyways here is the file in sound cloud. (I'll also add the mp3 at the bottom for those who prefer it)

also, I'm still learning so any and all opinions would be greatly appreciated, and so thanks in advance! (and sorry for the poor quality... I don't have a midi keyboard so it's just human playback playing - using custom rules)

Alverik - 23-07-2015 - Incoming Epica.mp3

Alverik Incoming Epica -v9.pdf

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  • Very good work here. It could definitely be longer though. Harmonic language is very rich as well as the rhythmic language. Notationally, there needs some clean up. Some chord and note spellings could be better. Orchestration wise, double check some of those instrument ranges. I would suggest going here http://www.music.indiana.edu/department/composition/isfee/

    Other than that really fantastic work. 

  • I think that you have a lot going for you here. Its nice work, and I wouldn't worry too much about form in this kind of music (relating to the ones you mention).

    Your music sounds very much like a film score and such music is more dependent on developing the themes and leitmotifs than relying on traditional forms. So that is what I would think about when developing your writing further, to try and see what can be done with the existing music (can it be altered, and in what way? can the themes come and go in different orders? can they even be played overlapping or on top of each other, with or without minor alterings? and so on).

    Then you could probably add many more measures without really adding much more to what you have already composed, just play around with the existing music and try to make it make sense in how you develop it (more by ear than by formal structures).

    (of course traditional forms can also be of use. I for one cannot write anything meaningful without setting up a scheme for what sections could be included, but I think that you write in a genre where that is less necessary than in the genre I generally tend to compose in)

    The best of luck in developing your style. I look very much forward to hearing more from you in the future.

    All the best


  • Thank you, Tyler, David,  I'll work hard to get better.

  • Your rhythmic and harmonic language is very interesting- you move from place to place really fast.  Especially that moment around 44 sec is great- I like what you've done with the brass.

    I agree with David that it sounds like a film score, and with Tyler that it could be longer.  You could definitely develop this material a lot and make it longer than it is.  

  • Thanks Lara, sorry I took a while to answer (I did see you post before but I was kinda busy and then forgot...)

    Anyways, I'll  try to work the piece a bit more when I can, but right now I'm gonna try working a bit on learning how to make good (and hopefully memorable) themes, and if possible apply a tiny bit more form in my work. Once I've learned a bit more of those I'm gonna comeback to extend the piece. I'm also in the middle of watching the instrumentation website that Tyler mentioned (which is pretty neat). Still it makes me happy you like it. Thank you!

  • Very nice piece of music. I like it very much!

  • Thanks! I'll try to keep learning!

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