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Originally written for a competition here. Song for bass and small group, words from John Updike’s poems.

Asked to do a piano reduction so here ‘tis.

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Hi Michael, lovely piece!

At time 0:06, nice widening of chords opening up the piece, it’s like saying “listen what happened to me the other day!”

At time 0:36, the E4, F4 sharp, G4 sharp and A4 in the right hand are very well placed!

At time 0:49, C6, B5 against C3, B2….hmm, I think can be better

At time 1:05, a variation of the same series in the right hand at time 0:36, very good! E2, F2 sharp, G2 sharp and A2, I like but the F sharp isn’t clear.

From time 1:20 you start to work towards an A5. When you get there the A5 unexpectedly ends up off beat (not sure if I formulate this correctly….:-) After that, at time 1:24 you build it up again and this time you add a B5 in front of the A5 making the A5 land spot on.

At the end, nice small minor solution….

Very good Michael! pleasure to listen to....

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