In the Village

This is a solo for Soprano Saxophone with piano accompaniment.

It is currently in rehearsals for performance in Boston, MA.  I have a tolerable MIDI performance, but that is it so far.  If you can look past the MIDI sax, I would love to hear what you think.



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  • Any comments?

  • Very original! On first listen I really like the, what do you say, spacing of elements. Nice counterpoint. I think it would be hard to play, did they perform it and do you have a recording?

  • The peace is being rehearsed presently and will be premiered in October.  It is difficult but very playable.  The piano part has been the most challenging.

  • Very good work. I like this.
    I think that is particularly great impetus by the piano.

  • thank you.  Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

  • Since your saxophone sound is not so good, I want to listen to this in another sound.

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