In The Village

I have not posted in a long time.  I guess I am too busy to regularly add to this wonderful community.  Wait, that is not it.  I have my priorities mixed up!!!  I would much rather listen to the awesome compositions posted here than doing my boring day to day...

Here is a piece I just had premiered at the North American Saxophone Alliance conference at Western Washington University.  It is entitled "In Teh Village".  I might have posted it here before, but I would like to hear what you all have to say about it now that I have a live performance recorded (please follow this link:

The piece is written about a visit I made to NYC, and Greenwich Village, specifically.  It is centered around the contemporary art that can be found, and the wonderful Jazz that can be heard there, of course.  I look forward to your comments.


In The Village notes.doc

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  • Hi Matthew.
    I write "traditional" tonal music but I can listen to a piece like this and think yeah , this composer has something worthwhile to say.
    Frenetic, introspective, snatches of calm. Your piece goes through the gamut of human emotion.
    I am sorry that we didn't get more of the audience reaction at the end.
  • I really liked this piece, loved the harmonic language, going from non-tonal to somewhat tonal seamlessly. I loved the interplay between the saxophone and piano and you really showed off the beauty of the saxophone's tone. I only really wished you showed it ability to play with speed and agility more like you did with the piano part. 

    Another nitpicky thing is in how you showed pedaling. I felt that at times you might have micromanaged the pedaling to much and put in pedal markings that I felt were just obvious. To me, it makes the score look clutter and I don't feel that it helped create the effect you were going for. But that could just be me. Other than that really good work. 

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