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First : sorry for my silence in your previous comments, some worries to solve... My apologies.

Here two parts of one painting, a diptych...

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Hi Yoshed,

I see you put up a post of your music in August, and you received 5 replies, going up to almost December, all of which were complementary, none of which you replied to. I see another post you put up in September which also got 5 replies, only 1 of which you responded to, and again all the comments were positive. If you put up a post and members take the time to respond to it, whatever the character of their replies, plus or minus, please show them the courtesy of at least a small reply. To simply put up music and not even respond when members offer commentary and especially compliments is not showing a courtesy to the members who have done you the courtesy of taking time out of their busy day to listen to your work and offer what they can to help you move forward in this noblest of art forms. I can tell you that if I were to say some of the nice things others have said to you, only to get no reply, and then have it followed up by another post of music, I would be far less likely to give you any feedback on that and any succeeding posts by you. This message is not intended to discourage you from posting, but only to ask you to respond when you do get such nice comments by others, to show them that you appreciate that they have taken a slice of their life, and given it to you.



I answered you privately

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