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I've been experimenting with writing for classical instrumentms in the last year or so (mostly in the past I have composed for solo piano). First I started with some solo French horn, then some string quartets, and with this piece the first work for woodwind quintet. It's the first time I've written for these instruments (except for horn) and will be included with two other pieces once I've written them. The only thing I can really compare it to is writing the string quartets, which have some similarities, mostly in terms of swapping emphasis between registers/instruments, and some differences, in that there is more "color" variation between winds than with strings. Hope you enjoy it and as always comments invited >

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  • @David, thanks! I'm sure I'll presenting more avante-garde stuff at some point -

    @Stephen, for the last series of pieces I did, for String Quartet, the titles did change by the time I was done, so it may happen here as well. I won't know until I get to the end and see how all the pieces fit together (currently working on the 2nd of what will ultimately be 3 pieces). Thanks for your comments!


  • This immediately made me feel like I was on a quest. Really captured the feeling of being in a peaceful kind of jungle. I do not have any experience composing for other than piano solo, so I can't give any helpful critique. Just wanted to say I enjoyed it!

  • Thanks Songwon! and for the record, I had not written for most of these instruments before either, and I also come from a piano background. When I want to write for a new instrument, I just research the high note and low note and start writing. I appreciate your comments!


  • Really good job, it certainly gets me to jungle, thank you for sharing..

    All the best,


  • Thanks kindly Islam!

  • Sorry I'm late to this Gav, 'cause it's very well done; good sounds, development, dynamics, I like it!  You're doing different stuff these days with good results, what got you going in this direction?

  • Hi Ingo, and thanks for this comment and your kind words - a number of factors I guess, but mostly I decided I wanted to try something different. Specifically I wanted to see if I can take traditional classical ensembles and write something which is at once fun sounding and also fresh and fun to play. I also have the aim to target the beginner to intermediate audience for purposes of selling the music, so I'm writing with an eye towards that market -


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