Just stared making a new piece. it's still very short.




Just some first ideas. Trying to establish the general feel for the piece and some orchestration/arrangement choices.


I'll be updating this thread when the piece progresses.


What do you think? As it's in the making I encourage you to be quite critical... it will help me make it as good as i can.



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  • What you have so far sounds just great to me as it is. I look forward to hearing the finished result ! It does sound like a piece of film-music to me, and I always enjoy that. I'm sorry I couldn't really find anything to get critical about, since you did ask for that... I guess I could say, if it ends up quite a long piece, be sure you have some contrasts, but I'm sure you already know that, especially since you've already put some in...
  • Thanks for the feedback!
  • I like it. Can't really give you any constructive criticism right now though, I need to listen to it more first.

    Btw, what sample library do you use for the trumpets? They sound really good.


  • It sounds good to me. I'd really like to know what instruments you are using as well.  Thanks.

  • I use vsl (the old opus1 and epic horns) and project sam brass for the brass section... vsl for the winds. lass for the strings. omnisphere (and trillian loaded trough omnisphere) for basses and synths. superior drummer for the drums, and tonehammer and project sam for orchestral percussion and the tambourine... i think im using emotional piano here too. reverb is a combination of altiverb (gives lass that fat sound) and lexicon native.


    Thanks again for the feedback!

  • Love it!  Very nicely arranged!
  • im not really a lover of classical music or any hybrids of it, but since ive been on this forum ..ive heard some composition that really intrigues me. between you and Ray kemp, you guys are really making me love everything about music regardless of genre
  • I think it's good. reminds me of japanese manga music. I just think there could be some theme mellody.
  • Great,in my taste i would add some choir  doing a theme  melody or harmonic progresion and one leading instrument for some melody too.


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