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Hi Composers!

I just thought I'd remind you that you should think about updating your home page.  Just click on 'My Page' at the top and it will take you to your page.

You can move around some things on your page just by drag and drop, like your music player.  Also try clicking on 'edit' on some of the widgets on your page.  You can usually change settings.  By default, the activity list is at the top of your page, showing all the latest things you have done here.  You can 'edit' that list to show 0 items.  I think it looks bad at the top, so consider at least moving it!  (drag and drop)

You can change the appearance of your page by clicking on the 'manage my page' link under your photo.

After you have your page looking cool, you should think about adding some content.  Be sure you add some of your music to your player, maybe a photo of your composing setup.  But the coolest is to add a blog.  Write about the last thing you composed - why did you compose it?  What tools did you use (Finale, Logic, etc.)  What do you plan on composing next?

Once you have your page looking good, cruise around the Forum and see how others set up theirs, listen to their music and leave a comment on their page!  Read about how they compose!

Leave any other page sprucing comments here!

Chris Merritt
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  • A humble request, maybe even worth making a *Sticky* thread, but those folks who have music on your page, I highly recommend dragging it to the top of your page instead of letting it sit on the sidebar. Why? Because that way we can not only see any art you've uploaded for your tracks, but we can scroll through your tracks too. Very handy when we want to skip to that one awesome part so we can listen to it over and over. :)
  • I love having a playlist on my page.  And in general, I think the functionality of our home pages ("My Page") is great.

    But there seems to be no place to host our music scores. 

    Would the Forum's wonderful programmer consider adding a new column to the "My Music" playlist table, to upload all the scores to?

    I admit I have no idea how much work this would entail...  However, it would seem very useful to have.

    Thank you for the great work!!!


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