Immigrant's Gratitude 3min 30sec

Hi there,

I am working on a piece named 'Immigrant's Gratitude'.  

I am just back from the Aegean coast.  I made long walks on the beach

that the police found the dead body of an immigrnt child and

Turkish navy tries to help the immigrants facing many dangers of

both the sea and some humans on the other side of the Aeagean sea.

The European Union is holding legal actions against some of the documented cases.


I strive to make this piece as good as possible and am still working on it.

Any help is strongly welcome.




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  • Hi, Ali,

    A nice piece, emotive, given you switch between concordant harmonies and the more discordant, a kind of bittersweet. I thought the repeats were ok but would have liked some variation during a repeat. (That's just me) Perhaps there is some but it was too subtle for me to notice. The instrumentation is interesting (and clever but you are a guitarist!); a change of style from your musical drama. 

    The piece lacks dynamic instructions so I preumed you wanted it at the same volume throughout.   It works reasonably well like that. In bars 48-53 I presume you expect the pianist to be intelligent enough to play the lower treble notes with the left hand (rather than roll the chords with the R.H.). It would take a male's stretch to play the Gs while sustaining the bass Es (or a female with long fingers and good span) and I get the effect - you don't want the sustain pedal on which would to blur the upper chords and be out of character with the other chords in the work.

    Great. Thanks for the chance to listen.


    • Hi Dane,

      Thank you very much.  Apparently I forgot the pianist(you!) at bars 48-53...  I changed it immediately.

      I will post the new version here later with the below changes.


      Yes granted,  repetitions.  I will review them.  This may take a while. 

      But have to think about them once more definitely.


      Granted, yes. I forgot the dynamic instructions.  At least a minimum of them I will write.


      With my gratitude as always.


      Note: My mom is ailing with Elzheimer. Her experience is teaching me a number of things.

      I began to notice the feeling of gratitude that exist around me, and also when I see the

      Coast Guard boats hurrying far on the sea.

  • Gratitude.mp3


    Hi everybody, hi Dane,

    I did the rewrite paying due attention to your critics. 

    -I added dynamics which I found out badly missing. Apparently

    I did not notice because of the warmth of the feelings.

    - I corrected the bars 48-53 piano hand problem, which I liked much more as the new version..

    -ANDDD definitely you were right Dane, the middle section is almost completely rewritten

    specially tonalitywise...


    I found out that it is better to post a work here before it is finished.

    The comments can be vitally contributive.  Thanks Gavin.


    I appreciate your comments Dane  once more.



    • Hi Ali,

      Apologies for the late response. 

      It does come across a little more nuanced now (although I thought the original at its fixed dynamic worked quite well. It still has its "bittersweet" mood.

      And good that you sorted out the piano part which is more easily playable.

      It's one of those pieces that I'd love to hear performed live. I imagine the guitar part played on something like a Gretsch with its more limpid tones although you may prefer something more aggressive.

      Altogether a nice piece.

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