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Imaginary Machines Contest - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

For this contest, Composers' Forum members were asked to submit an entry of no more than 3 minutes duration on the theme of "Imaginary Machines." Please listen to the entries below and vote at the link here:

Deadline to vote is 07/18/19 at 5 pm EST.

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Composer 01 - The Sun Machine - "This machine is available for those living in sunless, cold climates. The user turns it on, keys in the amount wanted then sinks into the lounger to be sprayed with sunlight and warmth. Constraints limited this session to 2 ½ minutes but far longer spells are possible.  Various noises though suggest that this model is due for a service. One doesn’t want it breaking down!"

Note: this work is based on a traditional tune, which you may hear here:

Composer 02 - The Dream Machine

Program note: "A blend of fragments and echoes, inspired by J.S. Bach, Brahms and Schostakovich, woven together and put in sequence to emulate a cycle of the four sleep phases. A potential melody line may be added by your imagination. There is the option to repeat the piece from bar 3 after bar 49. The overall experience may have its shadowy or even worried moments, but it leads to eventual refreshment and recovery."


Composer 03 - Imaginary Machine - "A well oiled machine (until somebody drops a spanner in the works)."


Composer 04 - Imaginary Machine - 

There is a place that I love to go    

It’s a place you may know

Come to a place, heard….. seldom seen

Come take a ride on my Imaginary Machine


Composer 05 - March of the Mannequins


Composer 06 - Slartibartfast's Planet Maker


Composer 07 - Duneometer -

“During the Oteocene period the Aragopheans (sand dwellers) were forced to condition rocky terrains into habitable areas, partly due to their expanding population and the ever increasing temperature of the planet. For this process they had created a giant machine that could crush vast mountain ranges and turned them into suitable sand dunes where they could build their elaborate underground dwellings. The process could take up to a full cycle, despite the device’s size and ferocity, but it was the ignition of the machine that gather the most interest to historians! After a long ceremony, Aragopheans would gather around the giant machine to contemplate its booting up process. Huge blades and giant gears would slowly commence to turn, after a minute of warmup the turbine would begin to howl and the treads would kick in. As soon as the machine began to move the Aragopheans would shout out in joy and sing till the machine began to move away. The ceremony would end once all that could be heard from the machine was the wind howl of its turbine.”


Thank you, Gav! How exciting...!

You're welcome, Tillerich, 7 votes so far!

Tillerich said:

Thank you, Gav! How exciting...!

Ha!, These are probably the seven votes from the seven contributors...!!

So, possibly, with that, it could be a seven-fold tie so far... ;-)

Gav Brown said:

You're welcome, Tillerich, 7 votes so far!

Tillerich said:

Thank you, Gav! How exciting...!

Definitely not just the entrants! (based on the distribution of votes and comments)

Wow! What incredible diversity, I wish I could give them all a vote...! Very difficult decision...

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