Good morning everyone!

I thought I would introduce myself. I am a new member here on the composers' forum. I'm looking forward to many lively discussions!

I also thought that I would introduce my music... no better time than now to do that. Take a listen to this movement from one of my solo piano works.

Enjoy! (Hopefully! This piece has actually not been tested on the general public as I only finished it recently.)


Sonatina - I.mp3

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  • Hello Cornelis, welcome to the Composers' Forum. The sonatina is beautiful, virtuosic enough to attract the listeners' attention and interest, and understandable enough, as to the music form, to keep the interest. I liked especially the whole-tone-scale intrusions at 0:32, 1:11 and 2:27, which make a good contrast with the tonal harmony and with the general toccata feel (providing additional rhythm). Probably I would think of expanding them into a separate leggiero sub-part in the development section (they also suggest some pauses for breaking the rhythm). Is it your performance? Great worK!
  • Hi there Andrew,

    I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I probably will end up expanding some sections, I can never leave my work alone once I've penned it. I think it is a bit of an itch. I regularly pick up works again that I finished months or even years ago. It sometimes feels like analyzing a completely different composer's work.

    As for the performance, I'm not THAT good a pianist unfortunately. It was performed by my trusty old home studio pc. He is a fantastic performer, isn't he? :P

    I will be posting some more of my work soon, so stay tuned! (Doesn't that saying just work so much better between musicians than any one else?)

  • Hi Cornelis. I like this piece. It has some minor pentatonic sound and some whole-tone sounds and then some sophisticated, dissonant developments.
  • Hello Salvin,

    Thanks for taking the time to listen. Yes I did use a bit of a mixed bag of tonal language when I was working on this... I'm glad it turned out well.

  • Sounds really awesome. Thanks for sharing!
  • Hello Henri,

    I'm really glad I did share. Didn't know if anyone would be interested in listening, hehe.
  • Very very good piece of music here. Interesting and dynamic with a hint of kind of that jazzy blues sound in some of the harmonies. I like that!
    Very, I wouldn't say virtuosic, but hard to play I take it, but not at all out of reach of other performers. I would love to see the sheet music to this if you have it,=.
    Overall a very excellent piece of music good job.
  • Hi Cornelius, good work, finelly I can hear a "pianistik" piano work other that "diletant arpeggiando". Andrew are right to expand that section and I suggest You to augmentate the end (maybe to repit the last phrase and after take the last "h").
    Good luck,
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