If you thought writing a fugue was hard...

Just when you thought writing a fugue was already hard enough, here's a guy who teaches you how to improvise one. :-O

I seriously must learn this... it must be the most difficult party trick ever! :-D  (Bach purportedly did this when King Frederick asked him to by providing a subject -- and a pretty complicated one at that!  Now that would the ultimate party trick: somebody plays a short melody on the piano, and you step up and spin a fugue out of it. :-D)

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  • Very interesting video HS, thank you for sharing it.  Changhee Lee has developed a well thought out approach to a challenging exercise and I guess for someone who understands fugues and is well versed in basic theory, chorale writing / voice leading this could work.  I have studied jazz improvisation and their approach is to introduce the study of improvisation at a more basic level than what Mr. Lee is doing here.  That would probably have a student start by creating a monophonic melody over a simple static harmony played by someone else.  Classical music education doesn't seem to spend much time at this sort of thing for some reason.

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