• nice!  I've been curious about AC7, but not sure if I really need it.  on the fun side, I really love Sounddrop!  Beatwave can be fun too.

    On the hardware side of things, I thought this was an interesting iPad product at NAMM

  • Cool Site!

    I really like the iPad App from Korg...

    Design is awesome.
  • Omni TR is a great and fun app!
  • James, Omni TR looks really cool! As if I needed another reason to want Omnisphere. :)

    Chris, have you ever considered using a VNC app for remote controlling your DAW?

    I have slightly different purposes, but I was considering trying out VNC on my iPad to let me see my DAW while I'm playing on my 88-key, which is facing away from my main computer keyboard. Short of building my own desk (to accomodate my keyboard facing the same direction as my computer setup) or buying a secondary monitor just for that purpose (which feels like a waste), I figured I would see if I could use my iPad to fill that need. So far, I've only tried Air Display, which didn't really work out as well as I had hoped, so I might try out VNC next.

    Chris Alpiar said:
    ...being able to easily control my DAW from my iPad is very high on my list right now
    If you have an iPad... ought to check this page out. It lists several music apps for the ipad.
  • I wrote an article about a new DAW Controller for iPad called V-Control:


    iPad DAW Controller: v-Control for Pro Tools

  • Its just a short overview of the new DAW Controller.



  • Inspired by this forum I wrote a Top 10 List for Music iPad Apps


    Hope you like it! :-)

  • Since this thread is about the iPad and music, I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned GarageBand.  Or perhaps I'm not surprised, given some people's negative views of the program.. :)  nevertheless... if anyone is looking for a fun music-making/playing app for the iPad, I don't think you can go too wrong by splurging a few bucks on GarageBand.  I enjoy playing around on it when I'm away from a computer and feel like playing some music...

    I didn't really bother reading any reviews of it, prior to purchase, so my initial (uninformed) expectation was that it would be a mashup of features of some existing music apps (like a piano) and I was expecting a plethora of loops sort of like the desktop version.  And that was true to some extent.  But not entirely.  It had a small number of pre-recorded audio loops and it did have a number of autoplay features for instruments, but I was surprised that it still gave you a fair amount of room to play.

    Without a doubt, I think my favorite feature so far is the playing interface for guitar, particularly the electric.  You get to play one or more strings and do fun things like slides... it reminded me a bit of a Haken Continuum.  I don't know if there are other similar controllers out there, but I thought this was a neat and novel use of a multitouch screen for MIDI input.  I wish there was a way I could use that method as a MIDI controller to my DAW... and I wish there was a way to zoom out a bit for a bit more freedom.  But regardless, I still had a blast.

    I also thought the ability to limit the notes to a particular scale (i.e. minor blues, minor pentatonic, etc) was a pretty convenient feature for playing lines on the iPad.  The lack of tactile feel of playing on a touchscreen keyboard makes playing on it a bit awkward, at least to me.. so this helps alleviates some of the clumsy notes...

    Anyway, just thought I'd mention GarageBand, since nobody else did.  :)

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