This is a collection of my summer assignments, some of them accepted some of them not.

The assignment was to write two completely constrasting but nevertheless  hiddenly related two ideas.

Any comments and advise on Note Performer specificly is warmly wellcome.



pages that are accepted:

3 4 7 8 9 10

11 (pages 1’in variation—yes this is better))
12 (pages 1’in variation—yes this is better)
13 (pages 2’nin variation—yes this is better)
I am providing both the Finale and Note Performer recordings.
I am pretty new (2 days) in Note Performer so it may only give
an idea.

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  •  Hi Ali,

    Finale is Garritan sound?

    Interesting piece, modern and innovative. New things happen all the time. To me, this is a piece where you have to stay focused and not relaxed because events are passing by very quickly. It was fun to listen. Thank you


    • Hi Kjell,

      As David has written Finale comes with Garritan.  You have to change it to NotePerformer when migrating a piece to NP.

      Its effect on you is very ineteresting and also precious; 'stay focused and not relaxed'.  The reason is 'events are passing by very quickly'.  I was not aware of this.  

      What I tried to catch was the feeling when you are driving a car or a sailing a boat or a migrating tribe moving in a hostile territory..

      Thank you for making me know this consciously.  I will probably use it elsewhere also.

      I appreciate your attention.



  • I think Finale comes with Garritan these days, though Al should have said as lots of people use other notation software (or none at all for that matter). Anyway, the NotePerfomer version is much more dynamic and involving in my view.so I'd stick to that for doing your exercises/assignments and I look forward to perhaps hearing one or two of the sketches developed into something further.

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