Icy January - orchestral tune

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to share a tune I've been working on the last weeks. Tried to make a light and easy theme with elements of something cold or frozen maybe. I know it's very short but I like making these short tunes as a learning tool for improving my orchestration and mixing skills. 

Any comments?:)


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  • Brrrrrr, I suddenly feel cold - better fetch an overcoat.

    Good stuff Eirik - I like the rhythmical feel that drives this on to its end. Nice, lush orchestration - what system did you use to reproduce such warmth (bad choice of word, it's supposed to be cold, but I'm sure you know what I mean).

    There is plenty of good musical material contained within to enable you to extend it into something more substantial. Perhaps build it into a suite in 3 or 4 movements?

    I think it's well orchestrated - I particularly like the way the horns come through the mix - so presumably you are using a DAW of some description.

    Thanks for posting - good stuff. 

  • Thanks Stephen! I'm using Cubase and samples from Cinesamples. Also some reverb og eq (fabfilter), and a gentle tape emulation (slate digital) for some warmth in the string and brass section.

    I doubled the horns with clarinet and english horn some times to give it a more "unique" sound and to make it a little more piercing. 

    I'll have to work on developing my themes into longer suites. Thanks for commenting! 

  • Hi Eirik,

    The piece I found pretty, well composed, and with a happy melody. Nicely done! I don't usually comment on titles, but this one feels a little off to me - it sounds a little too happy to match the title, more like a spring month than January (the bubbling sounds below the melody in particular sound to me like seeds sprouting). A small point which is not as important as the music itself is -

    Thanks for posting!


  • Thank you Gav! I'll keep it in mind :) 

  • Beautiful. I don't listen to a lot of orchestral music so may not be much of a judge, but an evocative theme and with great depth in the arrangement. I particularly like the rhythmic single note that you hear at various points in the composition. Superb.

  • Thanks, Jonathan! 

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