• Hi, Fabio, and firstly, happy and creative new year to you!

    I couldn't even guess who the gentleman is.

    But what a lovely sound. Tranquil; ethereal, late night-like.  Only problem, it ran out all too quickly. It could have gone on much longer! 

    You certainly made something of the bass clarinet sound with the vibraphone just a hint in the background at the start.

    Just a thought that the bass could be a touch more emphatic. You said you'd be looking at that in the daw anyway.

    A lovely piece to listen to, especially last night once the celebrations damped down a little!




  • Fabio,

    This is an imaginative and very relative piece, I really like those bells that you have used. The feeling is of a city life, a mysterious atmosphere, very urban in nature.

    I would agree with Dane that the piece ended too quickly, but of course it may be elaborated and continued if you want.


  • George Gershwin?

  •  This is holds a very appealing sense of mystery to my ears. I would not have guessed it came from notation software. Sounds quite good from here! 

  • Thank you all for listening and commenting.

    To reassure those who wish “The Gentleman” being longer, I just finished to lay out Part 2 and 3.
    While almost completed, I'm not sure about their order in the program, nor to merge them into a single piece.

    The New Year started very creatively: a two-part work for viola and small orchestra, a romanza (serenata?) for strings…
    must find a place for The Unknown Guy to rest.


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