I've recently finished the first complete draft of a short fugue I've been working on. My intent was not to write a Bach-style fugue, or to perfect Palestrina-esque counterpoint, I just wanted to write something nice while I am away from my studies on winter break and this is what resulted.

It is scored for 5 parts: Piccolo, 2 Violins, Viola, and Cello, and is in D Major.

Thoughts? Criticisms? How can I improve from here as a composer, and what would you have done differently in a work of this style? Thank you in advance for your time, this community is incredibly helpful to me as a composer.

Here is a link to the score: http://imgur.com/77YU7RQ

Fughetta in D Major.mp3

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  • Gav said,

    "I'm sure you all have great things to offer and/or have already offered. I suggest that when offering them you do it with the kindest heart possible. There's such a thing as being honest, and such a thing as just being brutal."

    Those are very good words, especially in this context.

  • Sam:

    I liked the clarity of each voice.  The mood was light, which is always nice with a fugue.  I am working on a fugue at the moment and the hardest part is balancing the harmonic movement with melodic movement.  To me it seems that the harmonic structure is strong, so maybe take more liberties with the melody.

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