• It's definitely disturbing.
  • I am taking this in a positive way !

    Thomas said:
    It's definitely disturbing.
    I See You
    I have never tried this kind of music before. I would be grateful if you go through this and let me know how it did. It's on it's final stages for be…
  • Thanks a lot for listening and even more of them for liking it. I am glad you like it.
    The film is about a photographer who dies in a (terrorist) blast while taking a picture. This track was supposed to come in during a montage where the photographer's pictures are being put together by the investigators. The pictures haunt the audience of what has become of their vintage city (Kolkata/Calcutta). I am bad at explaining scripts.
    Unfortunately, the scene is probably being replaced, and this track will probably be replaced too.

    Newport Hutchinson said:
    I like it! Personally, I would say that you've got it just about right (I'm referring to how the music touches me and not any technicalities) . I'd love to know what the final film project is about and how it all goes together.
  • That's many kind words Newport. Thanks. Even I have got hundreds of unused, unhearable tracks. Sometimes you come across them and discover a something or the other.
    About the film, I happen to know the director personally, and he comes up with amazing stuff, so I wouldn't mind giving this up at all.
    In fact, I composed about 9 tracks for him, of which he used 3; but the end result was awesome !!

    Newport Hutchinson said:
    What a shame if your piece of music is not to be used. That must be very frustrating. I remember years ago that happened to me when I wrote a short piece to go with an art student's project. Still, I find that you can always file it away and the idea comes in useful sometime in the future. I've got loads of small fragments tucked away just in case I need inspiration (mind you, most of them are awful)! I think your piece is too good to hide away though. Good luck!
  • I would definitely like to hear your work.
    Do you have any of them uploaded somewhere ? Can you send me a link then ?
    About this filmmaker, his name is Dhriti. I am honoured to know him. According to many, he is the next big thing for the Bengali (the native language of a province in India) film scene. But because of his non-compromising attitude (in a complex and politically corrupt industry), he's not had his share yet. He doesn't have any of his films on the web yet, in spite of numerous requests. Next time I meet him (should be Jan 2010) I would definitely coax him to put some of his brilliant stuff on the web.

    Newport Hutchinson said:
    Oddly enough, after leaving you that message I thought I'd have a look through some of my old stuff. Some little pearls were in there, but some of them - less said the better! I expect I thought they were good at the time!! I'm intrigued about this film maker. Is there anywhere on the web where he has got some of his work? I would like to see some of it. Best regards - Newport
  • Your pieces have a sense of motion in them, and also, in 'The Temple' I liked the part(s) where mysticism has been replaced by a somewhat haunting effect (voice/chords) etc. I like them. I liked the concept behind 'No One's Song' too.
    Very nice approach !
    Haven't you ever thought of actually getting an ensemble to perform your pieces ?

    Newport Hutchinson said:
    Thanks very much for your reply. I shall keep my eyes open for new of his work on the web. Hopefully, I'll be able to put some of my work up on this forum soon. My computer is not running too well at the moment, and I think I shall have to go offline for a while to re-install everything. To give you a little taste of my work you can visit

    It's a little piece I wrote about 2 years ago. I hope you enjoy it!
  • You're most welcome sir !
    And I must say that I am more "audacious" than you !
    For most of my compositions posted here, I use headphones, a PC without a sound-card, very little RAM, and single screen for my adventures !
    However pathetic they are, it always feels nice to share !

    Newport Hutchinson said:
    Thank you very much for your comments - they are much appreciated! I've done quite a few similar works over the years but I have only recently had the nerve (or audacity!) to post them up on forums such as this. My main problem is that I always feel that the mix is not quite right - I suppose that that is the result of working with sample sets and a limited set of monitors. I would dearly love to hear one of my pieces performed by an ensemble, but the financial cost would be way over my tiny budget! Once I can get my computer to reliably stream audio, I will definitely be over to your page to listen to some more of your music - something to look forward to! Thanks again for your comments - Newport
  • Thanks for inviting me !!

    Your Studio is a Studio. I wish it wholesome growth.
    You may be surprised to know, I don't even have a midi keyboard. It's just a computer !
    I literally 'draw' the notes on the playlist for about everything!!
    I am great !!!

    And hey, please feel free to criticize !

    Newport Hutchinson said:
    Thank for responding to my friend invite. Apart from some little monitors, your setup is virtually the same as mine. I've uploaded a picture of my studio(?) to my home page so you can see just how pitiful it is! My PC can now stream properly - it was the browser blocking something. Now I can go and listen to your work!
  • Hey thanks !
    I'll be posting translations of the lyrics of my songs soon.
    Thank you so much for liking Tui Boro Bhalo, it's very close to my heart.
    I have always believed in having vision. If one has vision, one can create an entire Sound Track with just a table.
    I often wonder if I'm losing it, sometimes I wonder if I ever had it. I've never 'learnt' music, you know... I wondered if I should have learnt to play at least one instrument.
    But, I seriously think you have a lot to offer. There is so much to be done.
    And Lisa, (I am assuming is your wife, pardon me if I am wrong) I'm sure loves your hands !
    I had a friend who used to be amazing at the piano. He is an engineer now. I feel incredibly bad for him, for he's lost the touch now and hardly plays. I would request you to keep playing. Take it from a man who's never had a keyboard ! You're lucky. Don't let it go. You never know when magic starts!
    I'm sorry if I've upset you with my sermon !
    And I'm waiting for more of your stuff !

    Newport Hutchinson said:
    I am surprised to learn that you have no keyboard considering the music you produce! I've listened to some of your tracks, and I can quite honestly say I like them! I haven't heard them all yet, but I'm sure the others will be just as good. I'm mid way through writing another piece and I dare not listen to too much other music or it will either disappear without a trace or go dashing off in another direction! I don't use my keyboard all that much because my hands are not as good as they use to be, so I mainly use it just to work out little snippets and then mainly use a similar technique to you to fill in the gaps. I mainly mix on headphones because Lisa always says "If I hear that bit one more time I'll chop off your hands" - I think she's joking (I hope!). As you have proved, it's amazing what can be done with a limited setup. Keep up the good work!

    P.S. I particularly liked Tui Boro Bhalo
  • I agree with Thomas disturbing! Its wonderful, I think the piano was the perfect instrument to have started the mood off. I also like the use of the piano taking the melody from the strings really quick with a passage. Very scary, mysterious specially when the choir comes in.... Its wonderful! Merry Christmas
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