If, like many of you, you have amazing compositions only to be let down by shoddy synths and cheap strings then maybe I can help. I charge for this, lets get that out of the way first, but I can render your midi/cubase/logic etc files into industry standard orchestral sounds. I make all articulations accurate to the composer's needs including dynamics, reverberation and spatial settings. 

If you want to get amazing results at very reasonable rates - much cheaper than buying the software yourself and way cheaper than hiring an orchestra then get in touch


I've composed and arranged for BBC, Universal, BMG, Gems TV, Infamous Quests (video games) amongst others.

Let me know how I can make your compositions come to LIFE.

All the best


examples and real TESTIMONIALS at www.jamesmulvale.com

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  • I'm sorry but music is my profession. I write for TV, video games and work in two studios in Toronto and yet I still have trouble paying the bills. But yeah let Quinn do it for free.

    Or get TV quality for $30-$50 per track.

    Just an option, thanks :)

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