I Feel You for Alto and piano

Hello Colleagues,

This song, written with lyricist Miesha Lowery, is part of a series of 6 pieces for piano along a romantic theme as part of a potential album. I previously showed a couple of the pieces here 2 years back, then we got blown out of the water with this project because of the pandemic and are only now returning to it. Written in a jazz/rock style, and featuring an introduction, something which is rather hard to do well. Comments as always invited >


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  • This is a polished and professional piece which is certainly as good as many things on current popular and jazz streaming.  The piano is more complex than in much such music but is done just right to be interesting without overshadowing the vocal. I'd be interesting to hear the actual vocal if it ever gets recorded.

    • Thanks John,

      It was my intention to record a demo using a service I've used before called The Happy Choir. They had done other songs like this in the past for $100/song, but their rate went up to $400, which is close to what I would pay for recording-level, so I passed on it. But eventually I will get a recording. I actually have one live recording from pro-singers on another song in the series.


  • Hi Gavin,

    Very nice song. I can somehow imagine the real alto voice when singing the tune. The intro, however, is somewhat hard to grasp, in term of melody structure, when comparing to the rhythm that starts to take shape on bar 10. Starting bar 32, I take that as a short diversion from the whole shape. Again, I can't get the idea of the melody outline. And when the lyrics says "You were just a childhood dream", the rhythm is somewhat take a new form and it's rather hard to follow. I can imagine a whole band would play in, with drums and everything, but that part would be challenging to play. The ending, however, is really nice!


    • Thanks Sam,

      The intro is definitely going to be hard for a singer, but a pro could handle it, and I think it will be much more perceptible what is going on here. The interregnum is definately in a completely different style than the rest of the song. The only question is does it work? 


      • It definitely does after listening to it a couple of times. I can somehow imagine crash cymbals on several spots in that section.

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