I Dreamt My Love Was Singing


I Dreamt My Love Was Singing


 An instrumental adaptation for flute, cello and harp of a Breton folk song.  

The audio file was generated with software as a demo.  I_Dreamt_My Love_Flute_Cello_Harp_MS4.mp3

The melody is adapted from Breton Folk Songs by F. Gostling and L. Lehman 1909

That file is also available directly on SoundCloud at SoundCloud I Dreamt My Love Was Singing

A demo score (watermarked, without ancillary material) is available in a public access file here. If anyone wants to see a full score, please pm me, or see my permissions page, link below.

Comments welcome.


The melody is adapted from Musiques Bretonnes by M. Duhamel 1913.

Please note that while this composition is based on a traditional melody in the public domain, this
adaptation is an original creative work under copyright. For performance permission, please see my permissions page:

Image:photo of Pointe du Raz in Brittany by S. Moeller


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  • Hi Jon,


    I appreciate you shared this with CF and with me as a simple member.


  • Thanks for listening and for the comment.

  • Hello Jon,

    I listened to this with interest. True to the style.

    The key is unusual for this type of music to say the least.Unless I am unaware of more music in this key which is highly possible.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks for the comment.  I chose the key of 5 flats because the strings of orchestral harp are flat in the open position and therefore most resonant.  Whether this key is really a good idea for the harp and other instruments in terms of playing is something I wish I could consult with performers on.

  • Reposted here with new version of audio file and updated links of 15 Jamuary 2023.


    • Also I've put a link to a demo score.

  • A pretty tune that has that melancholy quality that is present in many traditional folkloric tunes. Your recording fidelity seems a jump up from what I have heard of yours.

    • Thanks for the kind comment, I think you understand well what I'm doing. 

      The new audio file was made with the recently released MuseScore 4, which has a much better sound font.  I'm probably going to convert most of my posted audio files to MS4 versions, though I won't always clutter up the postings by announcing it.  I still ultimately aim though at human performance.

      Maybe not relevant only to this particular piece, but I might as well mention it while I'm at it, is that I'm starting to post links to pdf scores, including for some previously posted scores.  I've been reluctant to post publically accessble scores on the internet because they get stolen.  I've now figured out a way to put watermarks on MuseScore scores -- a kludgey way, since MuseScore unfortunately does not have a built in feature to do this easily -- which should at least discourage the thieves.  I always add a note that people should contact me if they want  to see a clear and complete score. I'll be glad to send a real score at no charge to any interested party, provided they are not going to sell it or post it anywhere or use it  for performance or recording without my permission.

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