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I recently purchased VSL Solo Strings and I'm learning to use the free VSL player that comes with that library.  Dane Aubrun has posted some beautiful pieces on Composer's Forum using VSL so I asked him to help me. He has already shown me how to use a cross-fade controller to blend two articulations but I'm hoping that he can show us the basic method of loading and switching between articulations as well. We thought others might be interested or have suggestions so I started this thread.

Here is the short piece in my favorite key that I am learning on. I'm also posting an mp3 that NotePerformer produced from Sibelius for this score. I will send anyone midi or xml files on request since they are not supported on the forum as far as I know.

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  Ingo, I am familiar with some of those contests which I find interesting. Birds of a feather flock together. All depending on the group results can be amazing. What I have found is some of the better software has forums that seem almost dysfunctional while other lesser known  forums heat up with frequent activity. Does this effect the outcome? In my opinion , almost certainly.

So the better tools are often not supported as much in popularity at times it would seem, at least to me. Who can really say what influences what though? Most of the best organized contests are still based on who knows about it, who stopped by, who decided to participate, the bias of the judges and so forth.Maybe you can tell I'm usually a bit of a skeptic? I have heard some incredible orchestral mixes done on the included factory orchestra in Kontakt though which has been around for years.

This is funny to me. I was recently reading a comment made by a professional sound library user, sorry I'm not really sure what to call these guys so I call them all sorts of things. He made the comment that he mixes so many movie orchestras that when he was listening to a REAL one recorded he thought to himself,  "That almost sounds real". Food for thought I guess.Maybe I'm not picky enough, but I think the majority of well mixed material using even libraries like Garritan or Amadeus sound pretty convincing to my ears. The trouble is we are becoming conditioned to "photoshopped" music. 

I can't really try Note Performer because my notation program of choice isn't any of the three NP works with. I looked at it and was interested in the sounds . I am impressed by the quality derived from such a small set of sounds. If I were working with music beginning with notation this would be a no brainer to at least try out. I think it sounds very good with the material I have heard from it here. There were some minor issues with it that others like Liz caught. I guess if a person could work around those issues it would be a wonderful fit. Liz must have better hearing than I do because I didn't think the issues mentioned were deal breakers. 

Since my whole process leans away from beginning notation construction I probably wouldn't ever use it to any degree, but that's me. I suspect I am in the minority on that here.

I just picked up a library called Celtic Era. It has been around for awhile and I got it for a great deal on a crossgrade offer from BestService. I always wait until these libraries have been around a few years and pick them up for a lot less. The only exception to that is if I need or want a sound so badly I can't afford to wait. The reason I bring it up is because I watched a few demo videos on it before I bought it and one of them is a guy named Dirk who works almost exactly the same way as I do. Our processes are almost identical only he uses a different DAW. To bypass the demo of the sounds you'll need to go to about the 50:00 mark in the video to see the difference between DAW composition and notation composition.


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