His Majesty Unfathomed

 This began as a piano composition. I later used the piano midi as my guide in making this. Then I added more parts to it. Basically develops as a basic theme which I attempted to construct around. I deviated intentionally but always come back to a hopefully recognizable facsimile of the theme.

His Majesty Unfathomed

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  • I added a pic collage to it here-


  • I'm intrigued by the title and am looking forward to listening to this! I generally type as I listen, so forgive me if this seems rushed or nonsensical at times. Here we go...

    The opening Irish flute/whistle is very soulful. Love it! Oh, the drama begins already with staccato strings and a digging violin solo. Nice! @1:00 the reentry of the flute is quite moving. The violin solo soaring above the strings is beautiful, especially when it intertwines with the flute. I'm really enjoying the slides on that flute!

    Something that bothers me a little is the stagnancy of the tonal center. We don't seem to go anywhere for most of the piece. For something as stirring as this, I expected a little more movement into neighboring keys. Oh, well. Just a personal preference.

    The pause @5:20 is tasteful, and I really like the violin solo leading up to it. I also like how we return to "simpler times" at around 6:30. The last chord (a fifth without a third from the sound of it) is a perfect ending to the piece.

    I found your soundset to be quite realistic, especially that solo violin. Do you mind if I ask what library it's from?

    Overall, this is a stirring anthem with strong Celtic overtones. The orchestration and instrumentation is very clean. My only critique is the "stickiness" of the key, and that—as I mentioned earlier—is just a personal preference.

    Thanks for sharing, Timothy! 

  • Thank for this very thoughtful review. I seem to gravitate to the flute often even though I mainly play piano and violin. The flute just adds the magic I'm usually looking for.... I had at one time set out to make mostly "Celtic" inspired music but have since veered away from that as my only type of construction. This changed when I began training in violin and studying more classical music. I think I'm starting to gain a wider appreciation...and confounding anyone on SC looking there for "celtic" music lol. On my last mix the violin seemed a bit overt after I uploaded it and I had intended to bring it down some in volume.

    I read some of your intro...welcome to the site BTW, good to have you here. Like you. I might be changing my online music name again. 

    Even though I work in a technical field, when I make music I tend to use it more as an emotional expression rather than try to built it based on theoretical basis. I don't say to myself, " I want to make the beginning in descending 5ths and bring in so and so instrument for x number of measures.....no that isn't me. I compose from the heart and what comes out comes out. Since I have tended to be melancholic by nature you will find that this is how most of my music sounds. IOW I don't attempt to masquerade another feeling other than the feelings I have :)

    Of course there are technical expectations to make a decent recording and I guess this is where is it "left brain" comes into play....mixing is a part of the art in modern music and I try to use it for maximum effect.

    I used Embertone Joshua Bell violin, Spitfire Albion One and Amadeus libraries. The flute is Precision sounds, cello Kontakt library basic.

  • What a beauty. Instrumentation just wonderful creating a fascinating mood, like a landscape. No other instrument than your violin can create this, gorgeous performance, I can't distinguish it from real playing.

    I know there is a story behind this piece. You made the right choice not to tell it, leaving it for the listener to create. And I did.

    Great music.


  • We haven't seen you in a while Tim, I'm glad you're back. I see you have been busy and this is very well done. It seems cinematic to me, I could imagine a number of scenes that would benefit from this as accompaniment which is not to say that it can't stand alone also. Yes I think you have developed your themes well here. I understand Jorfi's comment about modulation and I suppose you could include that but it also could interfere with the intensity build up that is working very well for you, so good choice.

  • Thank you gentlemen for your comments. Ingo.........I can't say exactly why I haven't been around. Maybe partially because I haven't been composing as much lately. That seems pretty self centered I admit since I do have an interest in others work to hear it and try to feel the same things they feel in making these works or that least to attempt to understand.

    I admit some disconnect to a lot of it. This is no discredit to anyone but likely a discredit to me. I get the sense that maybe new composers are sometimes trying to be "cutting edge" and in doing so, I loose the focus or intention. This is likely due to my lack of the right ears to hear it all with....so please don't take as any kind of negative to anything. 

    I go largely by feeling and not technicals....so I guess I just don't get the highly technical compositions. What was once called a clash by my band teacher is now accepted as a common technique....I guess???? 

    I don't really know. I'll keep coming round' to try to figure it out. Maybe ask more questions so I can grok it lol. I'm just a simple composer who makes simple compositions lol and can't seem to get much of anything else.

    Have a good weekend guys!

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