Hi everyone,
I'm new to this website and this forum, so let me introduce myself.
I am a composer based in Paris, France, I work for multimedia projects, mainly documentaries and a little commercials.
At the same time, I also work on more personal classic compositions "out of order" without constraints of time, direction, style, etc.
And it is one of those pieces that I present here today, called " Versailles "
I hope you will like it and thank you in advance for your listening.


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    • Hi Laurent,

      I've just replied to anotherof pieces: Danza Veneziana on Youtube. Another fantastic composition.

      Because I'm a great admiror of historical dances, I orchestrated many of these little marvels (found in the Flemish archives). The old documents always consist of a melody line and rarely a figured bass. You can find some of them on my Youtube Channel. Some were recorded with my chamber orchestra, some done with samples in a virtual environment.

      A couple of years ago, I composed a ballet in classical style (Balletto dell' Asino) for the 900th anniversary of my village. Alas, due to lack of subsidies, it won't be performed live (music and dance). You may find it also on my channel.

      Please feel free to visit my Channel en to subscribe.

      Keep up the good work!


      • Thanks Jos,

        yes, this is my latest work, glad you liked it.

        I subscribed to your youtube channel and I will listen your work with great interest, thank you Jos.

        (how lucky to work with real musicians)

        • Indeed, Laurent. It's the very best school to learn about the various instruments and orchestration (balance). Alas the ensmeble had to stop in 2006, because all the musicians  went in different directions and lived too far away to continu. We made 2 worldwide spread CD's and many radio and television recordings. One of the CD's was crowned by the national classical radio station of Belgium (radio Klara) in 1998.

          I'll have a listen to your other works as well. But at the moment I'll have to finish a small work for concert band (a hymn). It's rahter unusual for me, I've never written for wind orchestra or band. They also ask a mastered recording of the piece for many occasions and I don't own all the necessary instrument groups to do so. That means a lot of extra sampling work... The hymn will be performed next year on many public occasions, again for the 900th anniversary of the founding of my homevillage.



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