Hi everyone,
I'm new to this website and this forum, so let me introduce myself.
I am a composer based in Paris, France, I work for multimedia projects, mainly documentaries and a little commercials.
At the same time, I also work on more personal classic compositions "out of order" without constraints of time, direction, style, etc.
And it is one of those pieces that I present here today, called " Versailles "
I hope you will like it and thank you in advance for your listening.


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  • this sounds to me much more like commercial music than any "personal classical" -- and it's obvious you know how to write this sort of thing. It certainly starts to get exciting --even exhilarating -- and more individual from around 3'20" to my ears but I'd be surprised if you are really out of your comfort zone with this?

    Anyway, welcome to the forum and I hope to hear more from you!

    • Hi David,

      thanks for your feedback, you are completely right,

      I also include all my current (and old) influences, soundtrack, and other styles, etc,

      in these more classic personal compositions

  • As David says, you clearly know what you're doing. An accomplished work about which I have nothing to criticise. It's sparkling, exciting, energetic, all good.

    Likewise, welcome from me and best wishes. 

    • Thank you very much Dane for your words, it's very kind.
  • Hello Laurent, welcome to the forum.  A magnificent work!  Much love to France from the U.S.A.  I joined only a month or so ago, looking forward to hearing more of your work.

    • Hello Gregory,

      Thank alot .... ha, we are the "news one" here, ok  :-)   .. of course, see you soon


  • Hi Laurent,

    Welcome tot he forum. I enjoyed listening to your wonderfully exuberant Versallle. I look forward to hearing more of your work.


    • Hello Martin,

      Thank you for your words, it's very kind, happy that you like my work, thank aslo for your friendly invitation.

      à bientôt .... :-)

  • Hi Laurent,

    Glad to hear another piece by you. From the very start, you succeeded in capturing the true Versailles style. It was some time ago that I could listen to one of your pieces (SounCloud?). This piece is so masterfully done, in perfect orchestral balance and spacial setting. Capturing the baroque feel, you somehow managed to insert more 'modern' approach without disturbing the historical feel. Just wonderful.



    • Hello Jos,

      Thank you for your very very kind message, I am extremely touched.

      I'm still (re)working on the (paper) scores of this piece that I had put aside.

      (If you wish, I invite you to subscribe to my youtube channel, because I am also preparing a little tutorial where I will "dissect" this Versailles piece.
      I'm working on it now.)

      Thank you again Jos, and have a nice day



      Laurent Koleda - music composer for multimedia
      C o m p o s e r Paris, France based music composer for multimedia. www.laurentkoleda.com
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