Hey Everyone!

Hello all! I'm greatly looking forward to participating in this forum. My name is Layne, I'm currently 21 and working on expanding my skills composing. I have learned some musical background from my dad and I played cello for a few years. I am very much an amateur in this field and am very excited to engage with others whose skill levels are higher than mine and learn new things.

I don't know how to write sheet music, and all of my composing is done in FL Studio using various VSTs. Music has always been a passion of mine, and I've really been working towards bettering my skills in creating pieces. I'll include a link below to one song I made if anyone would like to check it out as a little part of my introduction. Sometimes I do straight piano (like the one below), but I typically like to use more symphonic elements. Looking forward to discussing and hearing some creations!

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  • Hi, and welcome from me, a sometime visitor to the forum.

    Like you I do much of the composing in a daw although it’s really an expansion of composition still done on paper in a kind of shorthand. When I started it really was just pencil paper and the piano.

    It’s useful to learn to read music. I suppose it’s perfectly possible to do so in the midi editor of a daw – a chord looks so-and-so on a piano keyboard and sheet music; the same chord will have a shape on the midi. It comes into its own when you need to look at the work of other composers or play something that only exists in sheet music. And it’ll be necessary if you want others to look at (and play) your compositions. Some theory is also a good idea. Learning how to write scales may seem a chore but they’re the foundation of how melody is structured and harmonised and you learn things like how to change key; how to get to what you want without hours of experiment. All the while you’re developing an inner ear so that eventually you’ll hear something in your head and know with some certainty how to write it down or stick it in the daw.

    I listened to your piece. Pretty good. Purely my response/reaction: I found the underlying chords repetitive. They didn’t vary much from start to finish. You brought in some interesting motifs above. The melodic piano part sounded as if it was played into the daw. The balance seemed fine. Just a touch more reveb wouldn't be out of place. The ending just faded out - this could be your style though I was expecting a more cefinite close. 

    I look forward to listening to more of your work.

    • Thank you! I really appreciate all the advice. Those are definitely things I will learn more about! They sound very much like the foundation I have been missing/needing. So, those are definitely priorities to learn about now.

      And I also really appreciate the feedback! The ending was entirely a stylistic choice, but I have looked in hindsight and found the chords to be a little monotonous. Might revist the song using that advice to make it more varied. That is something that I know I need to improve upon.

  • Hello Lane, Nice to meet you.

    This is a nice piano piece. Thanks for sharing! I think at some point in the future it could be vamped to include other elements.Ok as it is too.



    • Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback. I have actually considered doing a little work to add more instrumentation to it, or maybe a bit of percussion.

  • Hi Layne, very nice piano piece. I work in a DAW as well and I'm wondering how your piece got so muffled sounding. I don't know FL Studio.....does it allow for EQ of the piano VST's sound?

    If so, push things up a few decibels around 3000 (3k) hz. You'll hear an immediate freshnes and clarity come into it. If you like that put a hi shelf EQ at about 8000 and push it up a couple decibels for "air".


    • Hi! Thank you for the info! The VST I used is Spitfire LABS' Soft Piano. It has a very softened and muffled sound straight into the daw without mixing. It is just the nature of the particular instrument. But, I know that I can add an EQ onto the instrument from FL Studio so I will try that next time I go to work with that particular piano sound!


      • Unusual VST sound. Like a blanket over a small upright piano. Still, I would try brightening it a little, it's so odd it sounds like a malfunction of some sort.

        Have fun, whatever you do!


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