I have been debating if for my first piece if I should share this as it clocks in at a mammoth 48 minutes.


Her Scars — A Ballet in 11 Scenes

The ballet is scored for a chamber ensemble consisting of:


• Solo Flute (doubles on Alto Flute)

• Double Reed Nonet

• String Nonet

• Percussion Octet


SCENE 1 — Moon Rise SCENE 2 — Demon Dance SCENE 3 — Water Ablutions SCENE 4 — Creature Dance SCENE 5 — Demon Dance II SCENE 6 — Katas SCENE 7 — The Demon King Enters SCENE 8 — Battle! SCENE 9 — Healing SCENE 10 — Funeral SCENE 11 — Moon Set

There is a recording at: https://soundcloud.com/ed-w-sharpe/her-scars

There is also a very plain YouTube video at: https://youtu.be/ZkpXCqDSAGk

The Score can be seen at: https://www.scoreexchange.com/scores/189907.html

Be warned it is 129 pages; 1,389 bars long.


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