Hello everybody. I am currently learning Ravel's Piano Concerto in G! I since I lack some of the technique/discipline required, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on pieces to learn that will make my performance of the entire piece better.




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  • If you are up to that, you don't need advice from us. The way to make Ravel sound better is to play Ravel. Memorize it, if you can, which is what is expected with concerti. Know how it is constructed. Internet should have analyses available.

    If you admit to not having the technique/discipline, why not be good to yourself and set your sights on some of his less demanding solo literature? He has many "Impressionist" cousin-composers to enjoy, if you are particularly into that period. Have you read a good Ravel biography?

    He was a mediocre pianist, that Ravel. A natty dresser. I am so glad of foibles, everytime I fumble around the keyboard. Nobody is good at everything. Best wishes in your endeavor.

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