Hello, I'm Tadagumi.

Hi everyone, I'm Tadagumi. I'm a big fan of music from the 90s, videogames and Japan!

I started making music on Famitracker, a program that replicates sounds from the NES console. The files are compatible on the real hardware too.

I moved to MadTracker and LMMS to make sample-based music.

I'm posting my tracks on Soundcloud and YouTube.



Any advice and feedback is appreciated!

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  • Welcome to CF Tadagumi - we look forward very much to hearing more from you.


  • Hi Tadagumi,

    You've found a great community here.  Hope you'll enjoy your experience and share your talents regularly!


  • Hello Dave, in what thread do you post music?

  • Hi Tadagumi, 

    Use the top sub-forum, music critique and analysis to post your music.

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