Hello from a new participant!

I'm still working my way around all of the nooks and crannies within the site software here, but I have to say that this

looks like a very healthy place for artists to be.  It's very exciting to see such good will and honest assistance being

shared.  In what I've read so far, I've enjoyed the sincere interest and drive in achieving greater accomplishment

from both new composers and seasoned writers offering assistance.  Pretty fabulous in an internet system with entities

largely looking for personal gain. 

You can see a little of what I do at https://soundofmine.com where you will find edited excerpts of what were full pieces

written for various entities from full live orchestra to material for t.v. or commissions.  If you have any comments or thoughts it would be fun

to discuss


David Jephrey Young


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  • Hi David,

    Welcome! How about a post with a direct link to one piece and a little introduction to that piece?


  • Hi David,

    A happy warm wellcome to the forum. 

    I listened Media2, most of it.  Lyrical, freshness, parade of melodies.

    The lack of contrast except being different to keep fresness is noteworthy.

    Hence this leads to the missing forms of higher entities.

    The rendering is marvellous. Very skilfull indeed.

    Thank you for being here and sharing.


  • Welcome to the forum, David. I searched in vain for any complete compositions on your website, never mind longer ones. Do you have any personal works (not written to fill a commercial commission) you'd be able to share?

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