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Hi, I am not sure I know my way around here or have figured this site. I have been writing and playing for 40+ years, but without making a living out of it. I am now retired and spending much of my time with music because I love doing so. I am interested in expanding my connections and potentially engaging in new paths for getting my music listened to, possibly for movies and other entertainment media, but I know nothing about that. I understand this site is not about promotion and so I will see what is appropriate to share as I proceed.

I started with silver flute and western music. I got into keyboards and midi for backing myself up and composing. I then studied North Indian Raga for 10 years. I then spent two years learning jazz theory, enough to have an understanding of the basic theory and a new listening experience of jazz. Following that I found Shakuhachi, the vertical 'Zen' bamboo flute from Japan. I studied for 10 years with grandmaster Chikuzen (mostly over Skype). As I progressed I also found a fascination for Just Intonation and applying Scala files to re-tune my keyboards out of 12 TET. All along my musical journey I have been engaged in improvisation as well as composition. I believe professional improvisation is dependent upon a high level of of music theory beining innately comprehended. I continue playing and studying shakuhachi flute with occasional forays into the retuned keyboards. I have an extremely diverse set of released music, since I follow whatever is moving me, rather than having a commercial plan.

Peace, Ron Bracale

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  • Hi Ron,

    Welcome to the site! We are mostly non-pro composers who work other jobs and write music in our spare time. The main purpose of this forum is to share our music with each other and get feedback. I suggest you post something to our "Music Analysis and Critique" board to start. Or feel free to offer any commentary you may have on works others post there.

    Again, welcome!


    • Thank You.

  • Hi Ron, 

    Welcome to the group!  I joined back in May I believe and haven't been as active as I'd like.  Been very busy with different projects.  But I do try to drop in when I can.  

    Your background sounds very interesting.  I look forward to hearing some of your music.

    Gregory Hodges  

    • I can be found on all streaming services, including Youtube.
      I have been active on a new Bandcamp Audio blog with weekly improvisations (ShakuhachiSpirit).
      I welcome advice on doing something more.
      I plan to get into this forum, but this week has been especially busy.
      Peace, Ron.


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