I just became a member here and am trying to get a few ears on my original compositions from those who do create  themselves without breaking proper protocol or getting tossed out for an improper introduction. If this is the wrong place I apologize. If this is the right place here I go.

            My name is George. I am a meat goat, pig and chicken farmer and I play the piano at night in New Jersey USA 3 nights a week and 5 - 7 or so times a year in Manhattan if someone drops out at the last minute and I am available.

        I have been composing at my farm the past year and a half or so. My work ranges from classical piano pieces to fully orchestrated complete modern concerto's and hook music to sell a product or situation. Acid jazz and rock and classical jazz fusion with an almost ambient flair, or so I have been told. It is somewhat a fusion of type and makes me happy anyway. I am hoping to get feedback and or advice on my work from someone like myself to improve my work.

   I have well over 40 works on SOUNDCLOUD under "FARMERGEORGE'   or at the address    https://soundcloud.com/farmergeorge-219764899

       I would very much appreciate any feedback I can get. Thanks

   I will also leave a few here.




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  • Hi George -

    You might get more attention posting in the Music Analysis and Critique thread but sometimes it takes a few posts before someone replies.  This forum gets more traditional classical music than anything else so there's that too.

    I think your tunes are well done and recorded. You obviously are an accomplished musician with good composing skills; beyond that making suggestions becomes a matter of personal preference.  As good as your work is I would like it better if you could put more of a personal stamp on it, include some surprises, something that sets you apart, because there's a lot of stuff out there that sounds similar to this.  One approach might be to update your patches, they seem to be a bit dated and predictable. You do good work though.

  • Hi George,
    I had a listen to Rapido and enjoyed it, it sounded like an updated and hyped up Lalo Schifrin score for something like Clint Eastwoods' Dirty Harry.
    The harmonic sense appeals to me very much , as does the quirky interruptions to the bass riff. I especially like the brass falls over the piano solo. However I'm not sure how you would place this music , do you see it as film score or as a personal expression?
  •     This one was a personal expression. I have thousands in my head. The 2 latest ones on soundcloud  Movie soundscape #31 and #33 I thought would be good for a movie. They are mostly orchestrated soundscores.

            MIKE,,   Thank you very much for taking the time to give a listen


  • As I promised I took a listen to it, too. I agree that it is well composed but sadly not surprising. The music is nice, it's good... Try to find your own identity in it.

  •        I understand. That is why I can only sell pieces of it as advertising hooks. It does well in that area. 

     This piece below did well in the Ukraine in a video of sort about 9 months ago. They downloaded it before I knew about not offering that feature on SOUNDCLOUD or running it through copyrite protection. They chopped it up 4 times and used it. Starts out like bluegrass ends up on a different music plane.


  • Erwin van Delft said:

    As I promised I took a listen to it, too. I agree that it is well composed but sadly not surprising. The music is nice, it's good... Try to find your own identity in it.

    Hello. Farmer George Here - Searching For Honest Critique
             Hello.   I just became a member here and am trying to get a few ears on my
  • I would have preferred a bit more harmonic variation, but you're apparently an experienced musician and it will not be easy to change the way you're used to work, nor the sound of your music. If you are enjoying yourself and you are as successful as you need to be, it might not be a good idea to start changing things now.

    Then again, you wrote that you would like to improve your work. If you must, sit down at the piano with a composer who studied harmony and let him or her show you some tricks. That should do it.

  •    Thanks. I agree with you. I found on line several harmonic tricks and short cuts. Have a great afternoon.


  • I listened to a few of your pieces, and found them delightful, beautiful, varied, very competently composed and engineered, and highly worthy of showcasing.

    Getting people to listen to your stuff is really a struggle! There are so many of us competing for webspace. What is a guy to do, when he only wants to make pretty sounds and show people what he's done? It's a tough business, even though it's not even necessarily a business. (Even my own family has shown no interest in my music).

  • Hi George,

    I listened Rapido and Gliding Through.

    I am not well informed about the genre that you chose to use.

    First of all it sounded to me colorful and enjoyable.

    You are well aware of keeping the freshness through out the piece.

    From a classical point of view:

    gradual development is missing in both works.  What I mean:

    A element, A element and then comes the B element.

    Normally the third repetition begins like the first element but evolves

    to something else.  In your approach there is no evolving but

    instantly a new B element comes in place of the beg of third A element.

    The lack of evolving can also be observed as the lack of transitions.

    (This maybe because of the genre choice).

    It maybe not new for people who are familiar with this genre but

    to me it sounded beautiful and interesting.  Craftsmanship can

    be perceived.



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