Hi! My name is Simo, guitarist, musician and composer from Finland. I`ve done freelance musician jobs now about 12 years, playing mostly live shows in different kind of groups and i have also two own bands where i compose, play guitar and sing backing vocals. Mostly rock/pop style of music.

About four years ago when i graduated as a guitar teacher i started to feel like that i need to try something new in musicwise and composing rock/pop songs felt so familiar to me so i wanted to challenge myself and wanted to try something totally different. I`ve always been interested in classical music and spesially writing for orchestra. So i opened a blank score and started to collect small musical ideas what came to my head and put those ideas together. And at the same time I studied orchestration and did experiments what different instruments can do or could do in the composition. It took about 4 months when i got my first 3 orhestral composition to done. And now i`ve done almost 11 pieces and all of my orchestral composition projects has been really fun and exiting. And everytime there`s something new to learn.

Here`s couple of my orchestral compositions what i`ve been released on my youtube channel:

Tune for Minor:


I`m happy that i found this forum and my membership get approved. I really looking forward to here what kind of music you guys have done, share my own ideas and in general to get talk with other composers :)

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  • I just listened to these 2 pieces on Youtube (you can read my comments there), very nice. It is interesting that most of my favorite music is coming coming from Finland. I plan on adding your music to the list. I just joined Music Composers myself and I am looking forward to many geat conversations here.

    • Hey Leslie! And thanks, nice to hear. I also listened some of your compositions in this morning. Really nice synth pieces on your youtube channel :)

  • Hi Simo,

    Congratulations! I liked the second one more. The instrumentation, colors are excellent.

    I feel as if it needs more contrast I guess.  The same timbre span is used constantly,

    maybe a bit silent a bit calm ruhig points would have brought out the excellent sparkling

    timbre that shines thorugh out your piece.


    The positive mood in general is noteworthy and less found in many classical works.

    Well done! Thank you for sharing.


    • Hi Ali! Yeah maybe i agree that contrast thing what you mentioned. I`ve been thinking that kind of things also and i have tried to keep it on mind on my new pieces what i`m working on. Thanks for the feedback and tips! :)

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